Fall Fitness Goals

Hi everyone!  Fall is almost officially here, and in Alaska that means a total change of daily life for those of us that live here.  It’s going to become a very dark place with lots of slippery outdoor conditions soon, and it always seems like the transition from summer to fall is a big change that I feel physically and emotionally.  And if I’m going to be honest, I’ve been a hot mess with workouts ever since the Gold Nugget Triathlon in May.  I spent all summer working through a big move and getting a new puppy, and the only regular workouts I did were long and difficult hikes almost every weekend.  I had one big trail race to train for, but nothing else to keep me motivated to get into a consistent workout routine.  Now that it’s fall, I’m ready to get back into a routine!  You don’t need a race to train for in order to come up with a weekly workout plan, am I right?


Because my running injury from last fall is still a lingering problem, I know better than to assume that I can jump into a regular running schedule.  But I did learn this summer that running on trails feels better on my body than running on concrete, so I’d like to try doing at least one short, easy trail run per week.  I’d also like to get back into biking and swimming, as well as some yoga to keep me grounded.  So here’s a tentative plan of what I’d like to do each week:


1 trail run:  I’m hoping to do this on my way down mountains, but I also would love to find some non-paved running routes at sea level that I haven’t run yet before.

2 bike workouts:  This will hopefully be outdoors on my bike, but I’m also planning on getting back into spin classes at the gym.  I can tell I lost a lot of bike endurance over the summer and I’m looking forward to getting that back!

1 swim:  I really miss swimming, and would love to fit in at least one hour of pool time each week.  I might even take another adult swim class to improve my form because it was so much fun learning how to swim last spring!

1 yoga practice:  I’m down for doing this at home using Yoga With Adrienne, but if I can make it to class at the gym that’s even better.  Some yoga poses irritate my SI joint injury, so if I can find a flow that feels good I’m going to do it all the time!

1 fun outdoor workout:  This can either be hiking, kayaking, walking the dog – or hey, even skiing or snowshoeing if we get snow soon!  This is probably going to be my favorite workout of the week and I can’t wait to try a bunch of fun new activities this fall.

What are your fall fitness goals?  What’s your favorite workout each week?

22 thoughts on “Fall Fitness Goals

  1. My favourite workout lately is kettle bell and during the sets I do yoga positions which are mostly balancing and stretching ones.
    As for training…. I have to run at least once this week as I am running a marathon this weekend…. aaaaaah lazy me….

      1. Thank you, I need it since I didn’t do much running at all.
        Will go tomorrow morning with my son in the buggy for a run. I count that as extra training, haha

    1. Haha right? I just feel like I have no idea when I’ll be able to race again and miss that workout routine, so I decided that I need one even though I’m not training for anything. I’m basically just training myself to get back into the gym before winter starts!

    1. Awesome! I love barre workouts, that’s all I used to do when I lived in Philly. It really helped me tone up!

    1. Exactly! I figure that I can do most of these outside (just not the swimming) and it’s going to help motivate me to get out of the house after work.

  2. my fall fitness goal is to just keep going! I especially don’t what the clock-change to mess up my evening walk. My favorite workout each week has been my strength exercises (I use the Sworkit app) in the morning. I get to enjoy the morning air, my yard, and my puppy can hang out too!

    1. Oooh I need to check that app out! I am feeling sad about the time change too. I love walking my dog after work and will probably like it less when it’s dark out!

  3. I just want to get back to running. I hope to do a half marathon. But I’ve been sidelined from running since May due to knee injury. Thankfully I’ve been cycling like crazy! Just staying fit and ready to run as soon as the knee cooperates. I do love my weekly hard workouts, hills and intervals. Been doing them on the bike. I feel so accomplished after I get in a tough workout.

  4. Sounds like a great mix of workouts! I have a marathon October 9 and after that I am not too sure. Definitely a break physically and mentally from a training plan for a bit and then we’ll see what’s next!

  5. Love running! but I challenged myself to combine it with other sports: I am trying to do yoga {at least, once a week}, which feels awesome for stretching the whole body and workout routines at home 🙂

  6. Awesome post! I was born & raised in AK so you have to enjoy the outdoors during fall as much as you can since it’ll be gone in a matter of days. I wish I could run but my years of abuse on my body from sports has ruined my hips & knees. Your workout sounds fun and keeps things mixed up and not so routine.

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