Week #1 of Fall Fitness

Hi everyone!  In case you missed Wednesday’s post, I’m finally starting to get back into a weekly workout routine again.  Whenever I’m not training for a race it’s hard for me to get into a routine each week and motivate myself to get to the gym, but I’ve actually been doing good so far!  Honestly, I’m kind of shocked how much stamina I’ve lost in swimming and biking over the summer.  I decided to take this week to ease back into everything, and I’m looking forward to getting back to where I was back in May!

Monday:  I walked Ridley around University Lake
Tuesday:  1 mile trail run (4:1 intervals)
Wednesday:  7.5 mile bike ride to Taku Lake and back
Thursday:  Off day
Friday:  8.5 mile bike ride along the Campbell Creek Trail, followed by a sunset kayak paddle around Little Campbell Lake
Saturday:  Kayaking around Lake Lucille
Sunday:  20 minute lap swim

My favorite workout was definitely my kayak trip on Saturday!  I went kayaking around Lake Lucille in Wasilla with my friend Grace for a few hours. It’s a huge, gorgeous lake (the Palins live there!) and my arms and abs definitely got a good workout paddling all over it!


This week, I’m planning on doing a lot more biking and kayaking after work.  It’s going to be sunny all week and I can’t wait to take advantage of the perfect fall weather before the snow shows up!  Today I’m linking up with Misssippipiddlin and HoHo Runs again for the Weekly Wrap.  Go check out what they’ve been up to this week!

How did you workout this week?  What was your favorite workout?

11 thoughts on “Week #1 of Fall Fitness

  1. Only workouts: Kettle bell and running with Cash in his buggy to the next village-
    that was my preparation for the marathon past Saturday.
    Knees are very stiff and hurting. So no work out for me today.

    1. So true! I felt that way all summer, but now I’m itching to find a way to make myself go to the gym regularly. Workout cycles definitely come in waves!

    1. Kayaking is so much fun! I love it because it’s still a workout, but for my arms and abs instead of my legs which I work out all the time.

  2. When I’m not training for a race, I do more cycling and water skiing (if it’s summer). The kayaking looks like something I would really enjoy. It has got to be a killer upper body workout. That lake is so pretty and looks like a mirror. Thanks for linking, Kristen!

  3. I’m finally getting back to a routine too. I’m the same- whenever I don’t have a race on schedule I lack motivation to work out and I tend to skip more than I do! I’ve found what helps me is to take it a few weeks at a time…I get overwhelmed if I try to schedule too far out, so what I’ve been doing is making schedules for myself between races. This way it’s usually only in three to four week increments! Your kayaking pictures are gorgeous! Alaska is on my bucket list as a place to visit.

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