Spring Racing Plans

I’ve got some exciting news today!  It’s been a long time since I’ve done a race due to my SI joint injury, and I definitely miss the feeling of signing up for a race, training for something hard, and crossing the finish line.  I’m going to be starting a slow, supervised return to running in … More Spring Racing Plans

Fall Fitness Goals

Hi everyone!  Fall is almost officially here, and in Alaska that means a total change of daily life for those of us that live here.  It’s going to become a very dark place with lots of slippery outdoor conditions soon, and it always seems like the transition from summer to fall is a big change … More Fall Fitness Goals

The Tri Newbie Chronicles: What I Learned From My First Triathlon

Hi everyone!  Now that my very first triathlon is over, I wanted to share some things that I learned from finishing my first tri.  Doing a “first” of any type of race is hard, but my first triathlon was definitely my most challenging “first” because it had so many different parts to try to prepare … More The Tri Newbie Chronicles: What I Learned From My First Triathlon

GNT Training: Week 4

Hi everyone!  I can’t believe that my very first triathlon is only 4 weeks away!  I’ve been training for the Gold Nugget Tri for 4 weeks now, and while I’m excited about all the progress that I’ve made, I’m also so nervous about how much I need to accomplish in the next month!  Here’s what … More GNT Training: Week 4

GNT Training: Week 3

Hi everyone!  Week 3 of Gold Nugget Triathlon training was mentally tough because my injury is back.  Yep.  I’ve had a few breakdowns about what this means for the future of my running ability, and I’m just so ready for my doctor’s appointment later today.  But, as always, training must go on!  And luckily I … More GNT Training: Week 3