Greetings from the Mile High City!

Hi everyone! I’m currently in Denver typing this up from my fabulous hotel room! This is my first trip to Denver, and I’m quickly learning a few things about it: 

  • It’s HOT. Like 90 degrees every day hot. There’s no humidity so it’s not like East Coast 90 degrees, but it’s a lot more than my body is used to. 
  • It’s high. Literally a mile above sea level! The altitude has been slowly hitting me over the past few days – I’ve been tired, dizzy, and nauseous on and off during the day and I get winded really easily. The race this weekend is going to be interesting. 
  • It’s big! For some reason I thought it was a smaller city, but there’s tons of traffic and it takes a while to get to places. 
  • It’s not near the mountains. Sorry Denver, but after Anchorage I’m not exactly impressed by the closeness of the mountains here. They do look beautiful and huge off in the distance though, and I can’t wait to actually go into them! 

 A view of the mountains from my room downtown

Overall I’ve been so busy at the conference that I haven’t had too much time to enjoy the city. But I have made some time after work for Lower 48 eating – I’ve had Chipotle twice already and I ate at the Cheesecake Factory last night. I’ve also done some shopping at TJ Maxx downtown and had the chance to shop at the outlets with one of my old sorority sisters who now lives here!  The Mountain Hardware outlet got me all hooked up for the winter 🙂

The hardest thing has been working out on this trip. I’m an afternoon runner, but after work each day I’m busy eating dinner with all the new people I’m meeting all over the country and shopping at places we don’t have in Alaska and can’t seem to fit one in before it gets dark here. Plus, running in 90 degree heat does not feel good! So I’ve been trying to fit them in before work instead when it’s nice and cool. On Friday I ran a couple miles before our first day of training on the Cherry Creek Trail.       
 It was super hot (even at 6:30 am!) but I loved getting to run along a creek past all the buildings downtown! I plan on doing 2 more short early morning runs while I’m here so that I’m all ready to run in higher elevations this weekend. I love running in new places so I’m having so much fun planning out new routes near my hotel to check out!

When you are on vacation, how do you make time to workout? How do you find local running routes in a new city?

4 thoughts on “Greetings from the Mile High City!

  1. i always struggle to run when i’m on vacation! it’s just too hard at night (which is when i like to run) but i have difficulty getting myself up early in the morning. i think your plan of a few more short morning runs will help you just fine for the race this weekend!

    1. I’m glad it’s not just me! This trip is way busier than I thought it would be so it’s hard to squeeze it in. I’m about to run out for a run right now!

  2. Oof, altitude is no joke. The first time I went to CO, I got miserable altitude sickness and was a very unhappy camper. Make sure you hydrate like a boss, and have fun!

    1. Yeah, yesterday I got pretty sick. I’m hoping my body starts to adjust better soon! I’ve been drinking a ton but I’m going to step it up even more to see if that helps.

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