How to Run A Ragnar Relay

Hi everyone!  You may have remembered that I’m running Ragnar Relay Colorado this weekend (forgot?  Read this!) and while I’m really excited to do my first Ragnar, I’m also really worried that I’m in way over my head on this one.  The fact that I had to pack for a week-long business casual work environment AND for a 3-leg relay in the same suitcase made packing a bit difficult.  I also have no idea where/how I’ll sleep, what I’ll be able to eat to refuel while also fueling, and how that darn altitude is going to affect me.  So in order to cope with all of the unknowns, I did the same thing I did before the Disney Princess Half Marathon:  I read blogs and researched what to do from experienced runners who know how to run a Ragnar!  Here’s a list of posts that I found after some quick Google searches and were super helpful in getting me to the start line of this race:


How to pack:  I found this post which breaks supplies into categories and this post which has a solid list of items to check off.  Both are from Ragnar’s blog which detail everything you might possibly need to bring in your van.  I love that they have links to where you can buy some of the supplies because it’s not like everyone has a portable foam roller and a reflective vest just laying around!

How to eat:  This is so hit or miss depending on what your body needs and can handle, but this post is a great first step in deciding what to pack in your cooler.

Some Dos and Don’ts:  This post has some awesome tips on what to do/what not to do while running a Ragnar relay.  I love it!

So you want to run a Ragnar…:  This post made me laugh because I feel like I’m going to have one just like it after the race.  I’m just hoping my teammates are less of a hot mess than I am and we can all finish this thing together with smiles on our faces!


And now for some Ragnar Colorado specific ones:

The top 10 reasons that Ragnar Colorado is secretly awesome:  This post seriously is what made me want to sign up.  It makes it sound like a blast!

40 pictures from Ragnar Colorado:  Oh yeah, these pictures made me want to sign up ASAP too.  I’m so looking forward to seeing these amazing views in a few days!

5 things a newbie should know about running Ragnar Colorado:  I’ve learned a few of these already but this post was super helpful in breaking down the biggest things to be aware of!

10 things to do in Colorado after the race:  I have no idea what to do in Denver/around the race so this post was helpful!  Note that it’s mostly beer related which is fine by me  🙂

I can’t believe this is actually happening in a few days!  Here’s your last chance to give me any last minute advice you have.  What is your biggest Ragnar advice?  What is your favorite Ragnar memory?

15 thoughts on “How to Run A Ragnar Relay

  1. I hope you’re having a great time! I look forward to reading your recap 🙂 I go back and forth between really wanting to do a ragnar one day and telling myself I never want to do one.

  2. i’m so excited to read your recap! i’m toying with the idea of doing the cape cod ragnar, and since you and i are similar runners, i’m so looking forward to hearing your opinions about it (and how joining a team of strangers goes!) good luck 🙂

  3. I’ve never done a Ragnar (bucket list) but I have done Seneca7 which is a similar style long distance relay. It sounds like you have a good handle on things. Seriously, jut run your heart out and have fun. The rest falls into place =)

  4. excited to read your recap! bummed I couldn’t make this one with you all. Thanks for this post though as I prepare for Ragnar DC in October!! I’ll need all the prep I can get 🙂

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