Friday Five: A Day In The Life

Hi everyone!  It’s Friday, AKA Zion Half Marathon expo day and the day before the race!  I’m volunteering to do bib pickup at the expo for a few hours this afternoon, which gets me a free shirt (#winning) and 50% off another Vacation Races race in the next year!  Other than that, I’m trying not to totally panic and to stay overly hydrated.  I know you’re all dying to hear how Utah has been going since we landed yesterday afternoon, but you’ll have to wait until Monday to find out!  Or check out my Instagram to see what I’ve been posting since landing in the desert.  Hint:  I ate a lot.  Follow me at runawaywithkk!

Anyways, today is another installment of Friday Five with Mar, Courtney, and Cynthia!  Today’s theme is “A day in the life” and I think it’s pretty funny it’s happening while I’m on vacation.  I did one of these posts about a year ago back when I lived in Philly and it was funny to see how much my life has changed since then – and how much coffee is still part of my life!  Even though I’m on vacation, we’re just going to pretend it’s a typical Tuesday in the life of Kristen K.:

6:45 – Wake up and check my email/facebook from bed because I’m too tired to move.  Not a morning person here.  I eventually force myself to get ready for work and pack a bag of workout clothes for later.

8:00 – Drop my husband off at work, and then drive to my office.  My commute is like 7 minutes!  I work for a national nonprofit as an educator, so I spend my morning prepping lessons and email schools and organizations to set things up.  Oh, and I chug coffee until the sun rises.


10:30 – I head out to my lesson for the day at a local secondary school.  My lessons lately have been about community service, and it’s so awesome to see teens getting excited about helping their community!

12:30 – I leave the school and usually eat lunch in my car to soak up the sunlight.


1:00 – More emails, lesson prep for tomorrow, meetings, etc.

3:00 – I change into my workout clothes and head over to a nearby elementary school to coach Girls on the Run!  We do a lesson on life skills and friendship, and then we let them run for a half hour.  We make it really fun and I’m kind of jealous – I wish I could do stuff like that when I run!

5:30 – I drive home and eat dinner while watching old episodes of Parks and Rec with my husband.  RIP Parks and Rec  😦

7:00 – I go for a run at Planet Fitness.  Now that the sun doesn’t set until after 7:30 I should be able to run outside instead!


8:00 – Catch up on blogs and take time to relax.

10:00 – Bedtime!

I feel like I’m kind of boring and busy…but I love every second of it!  I love my job, my city, and my volunteer position.  And while I don’t love running on a treadmill exactly, I do love that I can run a few times a week in shoes that don’t hurt my feet.  Reading my old post from Philly was kind of weird…I miss Wawa and Philly so much but I don’t miss the craziness of that job!  And I love that I spend significantly less time driving in traffic.  I think I definitely made an improvement over the past year  🙂

Tell me about a day in your life.  Are you dependent on coffee?

24 thoughts on “Friday Five: A Day In The Life

  1. so crazy that your half marathon is here already! best of luck! i also have to give you major kudos for doing class prep everyday. i had to give a 90 minute lecture today, and the prep that went in to it was EXHAUSTING.

    1. It is! I only teach 3 days a week, but I really want things to go well and spend a ton of time analyzing lessons and changing them to meet the needs of my classes. It takes forever but once you get into the zone it’s not bad!

    1. Oh god that’s horrifying. I was boarding a plane yesterday at that time and wanted to die. Major props, I could never do that!

    1. Haha I feel insane, and my husband asked me to stop taking food selfies 🙂 But I missed everything so much! And the town I’m staying in has a Chick Fil A and I can’t wait to hit that up too! PS the corner of Arizona we were in was so beautiful, I can’t wait to race there and visit you!

  2. Good idea to eat lunch outside so you can get some sun in the car. I should find a place by work to eat outside instead of in my dingy little cube!

    1. I can’t do it every day, but when I do I notice that I’m much happier. I’ll do anything for the sunlight!

  3. It must be very fun and rewarding to coach GOTR. Yes, I’m dependent on coffee. I don’t drink my first cup until I’m at work but then it’s hard to stop. Good luck with your half marathon! I can’t wait to read about it.

    1. It is really fun to do GOTR! It’s hard since it’s volunteer based and during the workday, but my manager is awesome and lets me go. I’m so dependent on coffee and drink it at least twice!

  4. I’ve forced myself to not drink more than one cup or else I get “heart-pangs” that really freak me out! Sometimes I have an extra cup in the afternoon if I’m really riding the struggle-bus. Is the “Girls on the Run” thing part of your job? Your job actually sounds really nice. I would love to work for a non-profit like that. Do they have any jobs in PA?

    1. I used to get those too!!!! I thought i was having a heart attack! It’s scary but my body totally craves it 😦 GOTR is not part of my job, but my manager lets me leave early to do it. It’s a volunteer position and I love it but it does take up time for sure. My job is awesome! But the company I work for is very controversial and my position’s main job is to teach programs that reduce risky behaviors in teens, especially pregnancy and STDs. Volunteer work is proven to do that which is awesome! You can probably guess the name of it if you think about it 🙂 They have branches all over the US including PA! If you think you’d be interested in learning more about it just private message me on twitter or something because I don’t want to say the name on here. People get pretty intense about my company – you either love it or hate it and I don’t want to lose readers!

    1. Oh good! It’s really scary how much people hate it. I understand why, but it’s still intense. My coworkers and I don’t ever just come out and say it because we don’t want people to freak out. But I love working there!

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