I’m Moving This Weekend!

Oh man guys, I am moving this weekend!  Tomorrow we’ll be packing up the car and then early Sunday morning we will be on our way to Seward, AK!  We’ll get there on April 28th.  My apartment is a hot mess, I’m stressed and I haven’t run since my 10k last Sunday.  I’m not exactly the happiest girl on earth right now.  I just can’t wait to get past this annoying packing/saying goodbye part and finally start on our big adventure!  In order to keep this blog focused on my running life I’ve decided to make a second blog!  The new one will be shared with my friends and family and will mostly be pictures and some fun stories about our life in Alaska.  I’ll be posting a lot of the same stuff over here, but if you want more info about what it’s like to live in Alaska check out me and Andrew’s new blog:  Bearly Alaskan.  We’ve only got one post so far but once we start driving it’s going to be full of crazy stuff!  And yes, the title is a pun on Andrew’s hebrew name (strong bear) and the fact that we call ourselves bears all the time.  Plus we will have bears in our neighborhood up there!

Since I’m currently surrounded by piles of stuff I never knew I owned but now need to either pack or throw away, I think I’m going to fill the rest of this post with things I’ve recently been able to cross off my Philly Bucket List.  I’m going to miss Philly but after getting stuck in traffic a few times this week I know I’m making the right choice in leaving  🙂  I’ll still miss this stuff though:

Rehoboth Beach with my amazing coworkers!  We called out and spent the day eating donuts, shopping, and hanging out on the beach.

20140418-000804.jpgDonuts at the Fractured Prune

20140418-000835.jpgThese girls are so awesome and I’m going to miss them like crazy!

20140418-001030.jpgThe beach is so pretty when there aren’t any people there!

20140418-001003.jpgBeach selfie!

Magic Gardens in South Philly!  There are a ton of these mosaic buildings in Philly, but this is the main part where the artist spent most of his time working.  It was really amazing!





20140418-001223.jpgAndrew trying to blend in!



Ricketts Glen State Park!  This is my favorite place to go hiking in PA and I’m going to miss it!  The trail is 7.2 miles round trip and you can see 21 waterfalls on the hike!  We could only go up one side of the trail due to excessive snow and ice on the other side, but we still had a great time!

20140418-001326.jpgThe trail is on the left – you can see how steep and narrow it is, so you can imagine it was hard to get through the sections covered in snow and ice!





20140418-001441.jpgThe white stuff to the right of Andrew was ice!  There were cool “ice waterfalls” everywhere!

I’m glad I was able to go to these places one last time before the move!  Especially Ricketts Glen – it got me so excited for all the hiking we’ll be doing up in Alaska!  Over the next few days I’ll be busy, but I will start road trip updates on Monday!  And hopefully once we’re on the road I’ll find time to go running at our hotels at night so that I can stay sane!

What are your weekend plans?  Any hiking involved since the weather is going to be pretty nice?  Also, tell me the one place you would really miss if you moved somewhere new!


7 thoughts on “I’m Moving This Weekend!

  1. We are also in the beginning stages of a major move but still have a ways to go before it’s a reality.. This makes me so anxious for our process to get a move on! I hope you have a safe trip! Moving is a pain, but having a new area to explore is so much fun! My husband worked in Denali for a summer up in Alaska and has been dying to get back. I can’t wait to see your pictures!

  2. Hi Kristen! I wanted to let you know that I am a PA gal who has been following your journey. I have been reading your blog but don’t often comment because it makes it difficult to do on my phone for some reason. Best of luck to you on your move and I can’t wait to follow this new journey in your life! ~M

  3. I’m so excited for you guys! Can’t wait to hear how everything goes!

    It’s Easter weekend. We’re celebrating on Saturday at my mom’s house so that means lots of driving for me.

    The one place I would really miss if I moved is the dog park because my dogs love it so much there.

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