Alaska Road Trip Day 1: Reading PA to Milwaukee WI!

Hi everyone! Yesterday was a loooong day. It was official moving day! We drove from Reading PA to Milwaukee WI! Seriously it was one of the longest road trips we’ve ever done in one day! The worst part was saying goodbye to my parents. My mom was crying of course, but my dad was also crying really hard which I did not expect. He couldn’t even watch us drive away. All of a sudden it hit me that I’m moving so far away and I took it really hard. In fact, I spent most of yesterday crying on and off throughout the day. It was hard for me to remember why I’m doing this when all I can see is how sad I’m making my family. But hopefully I start feeling better as the week goes on. If anyone has any tips for coping with these sad moving feelings let me know!

20140420-231532.jpgOur Jeep and trailer with all of our stuff!  So crazy that it’s finally happening!

I had been dreading yesterday because I knew it would be hard to say goodbye. I also knew it was going to be one of the more boring legs of the trip. No offense to anyone who lives in the Midwest, but the scenery gets abut boring after a while and there are no fun distractions along the way until you hit Chicago. I’m clearly more of a mountain girl! Today we will be visiting my sister in Milwaukee for a bit and then heading out to North Dakota! I’ve never driven past Milwaukee so I’m excited to be driving through new territory!

20140420-231611.jpgOhio is flat!  Andrew said I should definitely run a race here  🙂

If you are interested in reading my current trip report check it out over on Bearly Alaskan here! I have a bunch of trip stats over there, but here are a few more that you might be interested in:

Miles ran today: 0. But I did spend hours crying, I’m sure that burned some calories!

Best thing I ate today: Grilled Stickies at Eat N Park!


Cups of coffee: 2. I’m really going to miss Wawa!

Best car convo: Andrew clearly was trying to cheer me up so he asked me what marathon I would like to run if I ever choose to run one. I decided it would probably be Philly since it’s always going to feel like home to me!

Have you ever made a huge move like this? How did you deal with the sucky parts? If you could run any marathon in the US which would you choose?

5 thoughts on “Alaska Road Trip Day 1: Reading PA to Milwaukee WI!

  1. I moved to Georgia from California after high school, and it was really hard. It took a while to adjust (I was alone and didn’t know anyone in Georgia), but it was also the best decision I ever made! It gets easier as time goes on, and it actually made me closer to my parents, since the times we spoke on the phone were more valuable and it really made me appreciate my family more. I’m halfway around the world from them right now and I miss them, but with Skype and FaceTime, I feel like I’m right next door! Just keep remembering why you’re making the move and how it’s best for you, and know that they are always just a plane ride (or two) away. It gets easier, I promise!

  2. Safe travels Kristen! I’ve never made a huge move like yourself, but when I left to study abroad for 6 months – I did cry at the airport. Look forward to reading your travel posts!

  3. I actually haven’t made a huge move but when I left for college I left behind all my friends as hard as it was just remember it is just a part of the journey and you can always make your way back eventually 🙂 Change is hard, but change is good!
    I totally want to run the Disney marathon !

  4. Moving away is so hard. A couple years ago I moved from Vancouver (where my family is) to northern BC. It’s a 14 hour car ride and feels so far away! Eventually the sad feelings go away and I love where we are now, but I do miss Sunday night dinners or seeing my family all the time.

  5. I moved cross country in 2005 and I can tell you from my experience that leaving is definitely hard (I reacted much the same way you did) and I promise it gets easier. Once you get to where you’re going, get settled in, and it starts feeling like home you will be good to go! Plus it was always comforting to remember that if I didn’t like it I could always go back. Enjoy this adventure! I think it’s amazing what you are doing and it becomes SO much harder to do things like this when you have a family. I’m glad I moved around before I had my daughter. 🙂 BIG HUGS and I hope you have a safe rest of your trip! (THE MID WEST IS SO BORING TO DRIVE THROUGH. Sorry anyone that lives there. I’m just used to cities.)

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