Fabulous Friday!

It’s Friday again!  Why is today so fabulous?

1.  The weather again!  How is it still so warm and beautiful?  I think last weekend was peak leaf peeping weekend, but the trees still look beautiful this week so everyone should go out for a run or a hike!

20131108-081537.jpgWalking through Media on Wednesday between work shifts – the town is so pretty with all the leaves!

2.  PSLs now come in those pretty little red Christmas cups.  Thank you, Starbucks, for combining my two favorite things even though Christmas is still a while off!


3.  I’m having a little sleepover with my “new” niece Evelyn tonight, and then we’re going out to a wolf sanctuary in Lititz tomorrow because she is obsessed with wolves!  No promises, but if she behaves we might just have to swing over to Hershey real quick so that we can go to Chocolate World (yes, I’ll do anything for one of their chocolate PB milkshakes!).  I’m still new to this whole Aunt thing since it just happened back in June, so I’m not really sure what to do to keep a 10 year old entertained tonight…maybe we’ll paint nails and bake cookies?  My husband thinks she can just watch hockey with us so clearly he doesn’t understand  🙂

My next race isn’t until Thanksgiving, so I feel like I get a little break to relax and not stress about milage or speed and just focus on running!  I’m going to try to squeeze in a quick run after work today, even though both my manager and the scheduler are out of town so technically I’m handling both of their positions (crazy, right?) so I’m nervous about leaving the office early in case something comes up!  Yesterday I was in charge of writing the schedule, which meant that I spent 8 hours sitting in a chair trying to place 35 student job/internship shifts with job coaches each day.  Not an easy task.  But I noticed that sitting all day plus running on the treadmill Wednesday night caused the backs of my knees to feel sore, so I had to skip yesterday’s run.  I’m trying to do 12 miles a week for my Pile on the Miles challenge, so I’ve got to get 3 miles done today!

And this isn’t exactly fabulous, but it is breaking news in the running world and a story that absolutely blew my mind:  This woman, Joy Johnson, who was the oldest NYC Marathon finisher, died on Monday after running the marathon.  In the article she said that she thinks she’ll die with her running shoes on because she loves it so much…and she did.  Crazy story!  I hope when I’m 86 I’ll be able to run 26.2 miles too!

Why is your friday fabulous?  Any races or fun weekend plans?

4 thoughts on “Fabulous Friday!

  1. Love this gorgeous weather…wish I could bottle it up and keep it forever! :0) Hope you have a great weekend! I have a 10K planned for Saturday. Oh yes, I’m also loving the red cups from Starbucks!

  2. I agree, I am loving this weather too! I love those red cups from Starbucks. They definitely brighten my mood. It isn’t the holiday season without them!

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