It’s PSL Time!

Hi everyone!  Sorry for the short break from blogging, but things have been busy on the job search front and I’m hoping I’ll have more to share with you about that later this week!  For now, I’m just going to say that I’ve been up in Anchorage for the last few days doing job interviews. … More It’s PSL Time!

Fabulous Friday!

It’s Friday again!  Why is today so fabulous? 1.  The weather again!  How is it still so warm and beautiful?  I think last weekend was peak leaf peeping weekend, but the trees still look beautiful this week so everyone should go out for a run or a hike! Walking through Media on Wednesday between work … More Fabulous Friday!

It’s October!

It’s October!!!  I’m so excited for my favorite month!  Changing leaves, chilly hikes, humidity-free runs, nonstop pumpkin food and decorations, apple picking…I’m in heaven!  Although to be fair, it was 80 degrees today and should be 85 tomorrow, so it doesn’t really feel like October  🙂 Looking back on September, I had a few goals … More It’s October!