Go For A Run.

Hi everyone!  Things have been a bit stressful over here in my neck of the woods this week.  Without giving away too many details, my job is involved in a pretty intense battle with the state of Alaska this week and it’s slowly but surely sucking the life out of me.  Last Wednesday when we … More Go For A Run.

Thinking Like A Proton

Hi everyone!  I’m not participating in Friday Five this week because the theme is Fitness Snapshots and I took zero of those this week.  Seriously, an entire week without a single workout selfie.  What is happening here?  Well I’ll tell you what’s happening:  RECOVERY.  Between today and last Friday I’ve been through a ton of … More Thinking Like A Proton

Why Learning to Run Is Easier Than Learning Yoga

Hi everyone!  I’m so excited that my week is over halfway finished!  My classes are being observed all week by my trainer who flew up from headquarters in Seattle which is extremely stressful.  So to distract myself from that, I’ve been pouring all my energy into following my training plan.  And it’s going really well! … More Why Learning to Run Is Easier Than Learning Yoga