My 2017 Bucket List

Hi everyone!  We’re already almost halfway through January, and one thing I haven’t done yet is set goals for 2017.  And honestly, I’ve kind of been putting this off.  I was interested in what my goals were for 2016, so I went back and read last year’s goal post and it made me incredibly sad.  About … More My 2017 Bucket List

Friday Five: Five Bucket List Items for 2016

Hi everyone!  Today is the last January Friday Five linkup with Cynthia, Courtney, and Mar this year!  The topic is “Free Friday”, so I figured I would keep up with the January theme of writing posts about 2016 and share my bucket list for 2016!  These aren’t necessarily my goals, mostly because there are so many … More Friday Five: Five Bucket List Items for 2016