A Shaky Weekend

Hi everyone!  Here in Anchorage I had quite the shaky weekend – literally.  I’ll sandwich the bad stuff in the middle with some awesome adventures on either end so that it’s not such as scary post to write! Saturday:  I had been so stressed all week about an event that I was participating in for work … More A Shaky Weekend

I Live Here!

Hey everyone!  I’m so excited it’s Thursday – work has been insane and I’ve been so tired all week.  I feel like sometimes (especially in the winter) I seem to be traveling through life on autopilot – wake up, feel like I’m going to die, go to work, drink coffee, teach, drink more coffee, work … More I Live Here!


Hi everyone!  Greetings from sunny (literally, it’s 10:30 pm and still kind of light out) Seward, AK! I know in my last post I was like “Oh we finally made it, the road trip is over, yay for only good times ahead” but I was pretty wrong about that.  Ugh.  Sunday’s “easy” 5 hour road … More WE MADE IT!