Outdoors Every Day

Now that it’s summer in Alaska, Elliott and I have been getting outside nearly every day. Whether it’s stroller walks to our neighborhood park, bike rides on our city trails, or hikes and camping adventures, I’ve been trying to find ways to get out and enjoy the non-freezing weather outdoors. And if it’s sunny and warm I try to spend as much of the day outside as I can! But in the back of my mind are the not-so-far off memories of our long cold winters and how hard it felt to get outside daily with all that ice and darkness. I’ve been loving my daily adventures outdoors and I want to make sure I’m continuing them through the long dark winter too. How on earth am I going to keep myself motivated to go outside every day year round?

Sadly it won’t always be this warm and sunny!

So it was perfect timing that Teton Sports launched their newest campaign, Outdoors Every Day. Starting on June 1st, Teton Sports challenged everyone – no matter who you are, where you live, or how “outdoorsy” you feel that you are – to get outside every day for the next 365 days. The campaign is simple in that they don’t require you to do anything, pay any money, or even sign up anywhere. You simply choose to get outside every day for a year in whatever way works for you or your family! To make the campaign a little more fun, Teton Sports has created a 365 Activity Guide with a long list of suggestions of things to do outdoors. These activities range from hiking in a national park to high fiving a tree to inventing a new s’mores recipe. You can choose your own activity each day, or you can check out their stories on Instagram to see what their suggested challenge is for the day. I personally am a big fan of lists so this aspect is super fun to me! About half of the time I’ve checked out their daily challenge and then decided to find a way to do that activity with my son. When they challenged us to dig our toes in the sand, I remembered that there’s some really cool sand dunes in Kincaid Park and we headed over there to check that activity off our list! For their challenge to find “music in nature”, we went to a lake and listened to ducks quacking. I love that it’s making me try new things and explore new areas of Anchorage instead of just doing the same thing over and over. I’ve also seen suggested activities that I don’t want to do, like watch a sunrise (doing that in Alaska right now means waking up at 4 AM!) and I love that I can choose my own adventure from the list instead. And even if you do the same thing every day and ignore their list, it’s still time spent outside!

Digging our toes in the sand

How can you get involved?

  • Watch Teton Sport’s #outdoorseveryday video here to learn more about why they’re doing this challenge and how it works.
  • Commit to the challenge! There’s no better way to do it than to get online and tell everyone what you’re doing. You might find some people to join you!
  • Download the activity guide filled with hundreds of ideas to get outside daily.
  • Start getting outside!

It’s seriously that easy! If you want a bonus way to participate, you can tag Teton Sports and use the hashtag #outdoorseveryday to share your adventures and see what other people did to complete the daily challenges. I find that sharing my activities daily helps keep me accountable and makes it more fun. And as a reward for participating in the challenge, Teton Sports is sharing a special discount code! Use code “oedchampion” to get 10% off any Teton Sports products. This could be the perfect time to get yourself some new outdoor gear (that you’ll be using daily!).

So who is going to join me in getting outdoors every day for the next 365 days? Let me know in the comments!

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