It’s Been Another Wild Year!

Hey everyone! I know that one year ago I decided to return to blogging after a one year break (between pregnancy and the newborn stage I was pretty busy!) and then after an exciting rebrand I disappeared again (because of COVID, toddler life, etc.). But I think I want to try to get back into blogging again – and make it stick this time. I started this blog almost 8 years ago and used it to document my journey to becoming a runner. Since then, I’ve written almost 600 blog posts about running, race training, hiking, moving to Alaska, my running injury, travel, and most recently being pregnant and having a baby. This blog feels like it’s the one thing connecting me – a 33 year old mom who loves hiking and lives in Alaska, to the old me – a 26 year old wannabe runner from the outskirts of Philly. I’ve always loved writing about my life on here, and sharing my adventures with others. I love the connections I’ve made through blogging and all the times I’ve met up with people at races who I met through this blog. And I love reading other people’s blogs as well!

When I found out I was pregnant I was so sick that blogging took a huge backseat. And then once Baby Elliott arrived I was so tired and just needed some time to adjust to motherhood. Parenting is such a different experience for everyone and there are so many different ways to raise a baby that it felt silly to post about my experience or try to give advice (especially when I was usually the one asking for it!). But over the last year I’ve found that I frequently thought, “oh it would be so cool to blog about this experience!” as I took Elliott on various adventures in Alaska and we both survived (and enjoyed it!). I miss coming on here and documenting my life, and I feel like this blog is missing so many posts about pregnancy and early motherhood that I would have loved to go back and read now that Elliott is a big toddler now.

So here’s my plan: I’m going to start blogging again! I’ll mostly post recaps of adventures that me and Elliott go on (hikes, Alaska travel, camping trips in our new trailer, etc.), but I’ll also add in any tips or advice that I feel could be helpful to other parents or Alaskans. Here’s the big disclaimer though: half the time I have no idea what I’m doing! But I love reading recaps and tips from other parents so I want to make sure I’m sharing my real experiences with you all and sharing what I’ve learned along the way. I’ve got lots of fun ideas planned for upcoming posts (look for a winter Matanuska Glacier tour post soon!) and I’m so excited to be back doing something that I love again!

Tell me what you’ve been up to over the last year! I’m looking forward to reconnecting with you all!

4 thoughts on “It’s Been Another Wild Year!

  1. Welcome back! Don’t let the worries of what others will think about your posts stop you. Write about what’s important to you and the people who are interested will interact and those who aren’t won’t. I know I always love hearing about your beautiful state and seeing all of the photos.

    1. Aww thank you! Yes I figured it was worth it to put myself out there despite feeling like I’m not the biggest expert on these topics. I missed blogging and I’m excited to be back!

  2. If you feel like you’re doing it right half the time you’re way ahead of the curve 😂 I think we all can take all of the tips and second-hand experience we can get!

    1. Haha so true! I love reading trip reports from other blogs so I’m excited to share mine too!

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