A Winter Trip to Seward

Hi everyone!  Like I said in my last post, I had a super busy weekend and I couldn’t fit it all into one post.  So I’m back with post #2 about my holiday weekend.  This part of my weekend actually started last Thursday night, when Andrew and I headed down to Seward to stay with our friends for a few days to celebrate his 30th birthday.  We’ve never been there in the winter before, and the drive was GORGEOUS!


It was also a bit scary because there’s only one road to Seward, and it goes through some high mountain passes that were covered in snow.  We were lucky not to run into any snow or moose on the way down.  Once we got there, we were greeted with some amazing salmon mac and cheese and the cutest little baby on earth!  Our friends just had their baby, Lynx, 2 months ago and he was one awesome little dude.  He joined us on all of our adventures no matter how crazy they were!  The adventures started before sunrise on Friday, when we went for a ski on Bear Lake.

It was icy in some parts, but it was also completely flat and I was able to get the hang of it much easier than I do when I’m on a hilly trail.  I loved it!  It was gorgeous, especially once the sun rose over the mountains.  Baby Lynx went skiing with us and managed to stay pretty warm despite the low temperature.  While the girls were skiing, the boys went snow machining on the old Iditarod trail.  Andrew had so much fun that he even started looking for snow machines on Craigslist once we got home.  *eyeroll*


After we were completely frozen from our morning outside, we warmed up by the fire and got ready for our sunset tour on their boat, the Missing Lynx.  You may have noticed in previous posts that I am NOT good on boats.  Yes, I used to work for a boat tour company, but I was in the office the whole time!  I get seasick really easily, but I knew Andrew really wanted to go out on the boat so I hoped for the best.


It unfortunately was a very windy day with higher waves, and we only got to Tonsina Point before I had a panic attack and we had to turn around!  The waves were just too much for me.  I might have been a total mess, but we did get the chance to take a few pictures of the views out on Resurrection Bay.  It’s the most beautiful place on earth – I just like it better from solid ground!


Andrew said it was the best birthday ever, and we were so sad when we had to go back home early on Saturday morning.  I’m dying to get back down there again soon!  Seward is my happy place, and I’m even more in love after seeing it covered in snow!

What is your favorite place to visit in the winter?  Are you a fan of boat rides or do you do better on land?

7 thoughts on “A Winter Trip to Seward

    1. Boats are the worst. I get to see lots of cool things on them, but me and the ocean just don’t get along!

  1. Um, how epic is Seward??? Freaking GORGEOUS. I grew up on boats, but that doesn’t mean that I don’t get seasick, and I;m VERY afraid of cold water (which I would imagine that water is). So I’m not so sure how I would do!

    1. Oh it was 40 degrees! I would not have survived very long in that water. I was super happy that their boat had an indoor seating area with a heater in it!

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