The First Winter Weekend!

Hi everyone!  Remember how last week I said that fall was pretty much over?  Well, that was definitely true because when I woke up on Friday, this is what I saw:


SNOW!!!!!  It snowed all day on Friday, and we actually got a few inches.  And I couldn’t be happier!  This is my third winter in Anchorage and the last two were pretty snow-free, so I was super happy to see snow at sea level so early in the season.  And you know who else was happy to see snow?  Ridley!  It was his first experience with snow and it was hilarious.  He kept trying to catch snow in his mouth and then would look for it in the snow and freak out when he couldn’t find the snowballs.  He’s adorable.

Despite the fact that I should really wait for a base layer of snow to fall and for trails to be groomed before I go cross country skiing, I just couldn’t resist.  I live right next to a popular multi use trail, so on Saturday I woke up and walked right out my door and down to the trail to try to ski.  It was definitely not easy, and I’m sure I scraped up my skis a few times, but I didn’t even care because I was just so happy to finally be skiing again!


For me, skiing is like running without the pain.  My body can’t handle activities where I lift up my feet off the ground because it causes my hips to drop which strains my SI joint.  That’s why I’ve been able to bike and swim so much without getting hurt.  XC skiing doesn’t involve fully picking up my feet, so I can do it without pain.  And I get to glide all over the place and fly down hills!  Plus there is nothing prettier than the forests and mountains covered in snow.

Part of me is sad that my bikes and kayak are officially in storage for the next 6ish months, but I know that skiing and winter hiking/snowshoeing are going to be a blast.  Plus now I have an excuse to actually go to the gym again for spin and swim classes.  I’m so bad at that when it’s warm outside.  I’d also love to try snowboarding and fat tire biking this year, so I’m really looking forward to my winter workouts this year!

What are your favorite ways to workout in the winter?  Are you looking forward to your first snowfall?  What new winter workout do you want to try?

4 thoughts on “The First Winter Weekend!

  1. I prefer downhill skiing over cross-country. I did a fair amount of cross-country skiing when I lived in Toronto because the downhill skiing sucks in that area of the country. It was always fun to go out with friends and see the winter wonderland.

  2. That’s pretty awesome. I always go between loving winter and snow, but also wanting 70 degrees all year around. I’m finicky. Pictures like that make me want that now.

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