An Adventurous Long Weekend

Hi everyone!  I’m sad that Labor Day weekend is over, because it’s something I always look forward to.  My husband and I met on Labor Day weekend way back in sophomore year of college, and this year was our 10 year anniversary.  How crazy is that?!

From 19 year olds at the University of Pittsburgh to our crazy life in Alaska!

Other than celebrating that awesome milestone, I was super excited that I had a bunch of adventures this weekend!

My first adventure: We went on a fun double date hike out to Eklutna Lake and brought Ridley too.  He actually swam for the first time and it was so adorable!  We were also pretty shocked by how much the leaves are changing out there.  Fall is here in Alaska!

My second adventure:  On Friday it was crazy hot and sunny, so the second I got out of work I went kayaking with my friend.  She’s got her own kayak, but she had rented one for her sister and let me use it for the afternoon.  We went out to Mirror Lake and spent a few hours paddling around in the sunshine.  It was PERFECT.  I think I need to get my own kayak so I can do this all the time!

The best part was that after paddling around and getting sweaty, we jumped off of our kayaks into the lake!  It was freezing in the water, but I still managed to swim around for a while.  I’ve been thinking about doing a triathlon next summer in open water, but now I’m not so sure – how the heck do all of you triathletes swim in murky cold water?  I’m definitely a pool swimmer.


My third adventure:  Aurora hunting!  The northern lights made a huge appearance on Friday night and it was gorgeous.  My husband hasn’t uploaded his DSLR pictures yet, but it’s okay because pictures can’t even do it justice.  You all just need to come up to Alaska and see it for yourself!

My fourth adventure:  Biking a few miles on the trail next to my house.  I have biked south along the Campbell Creek Trail, but I’ve never gone north.  I tried it out on Saturday and discovered that after a few miles this trail connects with the Chester Creek Trail where I used to live.  I bet I could make a killer bike loop out of those two trails once I’m back up to riding long distances again!


My fifth adventure:  Relaxing!  I read an entire book laying out in the sunshine on my deck, and also caught up on all the Catfish episodes that I missed.  It was just what I needed, especially since last weekend was so busy.

How did you spend your holiday weekend?  If you’re a triathlete who does open water swimming, how did you get used to it?

4 thoughts on “An Adventurous Long Weekend

  1. I spent my labor day weekend kayaking the local rivers and lakes. It’s such a peaceful feeling to be on the kayak with nothing between you and the water but a small piece of plastic!

  2. My friend is spending the summer in Valdez, AK & she said the Northern Lights on Friday made her cry!! Sounds amazing! My weekend was lots of grilling lots of laying outside in the perfect weather and lots of relaxing too 🙂 We explored a new trail with the puppy right off of Paoli Pike & right near my house!

    1. Oh I believe it! I was screaming! That’s awesome that you got to take the puppy on a little hike. Sounds like you had a great weekend!

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