August Adventures

Hi everyone!  I can honestly say I’ve never taken a blogging break like the one I just took.  But I just had the busiest 3 weeks ever, and I just couldn’t find time to blog.  Which made me really sad.  But I’m back!  So what have I been up to?

My in laws came to town, and they were staying with us.  So I had to finally get down to business and finish up unpacking and organizing my house.  Holy stress.  I finished at 3:00 am on the day they arrived!  But my house looks amazing and I’m so excited about how everything turned out.  I’ve got so much space now and I even have an entire spare room to myself for doing yoga, reading books, and blogging.  I’m still working on it but here’s the semi-finished product!  I plan on painting the desk to match my reading bench (which I upcycled using chalk paint).  Not pictured is my wall of medals & race bibs and my corner library.


Once the in laws arrived, we were busy showing them around Alaska.  While my father in law was here we took him and my niece to Matanuska Glacier for some glacier climbing.  We rented crampons and then paid a fee to get glacier access.  We then got to walk around as far as we wanted!


I ended up taking a pretty bad fall trying to jump over a crevasse, but it just ended up making for some pretty cool battle scars.  My 12 year old niece was horrified.


After my father in law left, my mother in law came up to hang out with us!  We took her and my niece out for a boat tour in Kenai Fjords National Park with the company we used to work for.  Unlike last time, I wasn’t seasick at all.  We didn’t really see any whales, but the Aialik Glacier was gorgeous as usual.

On the way out of town we hiked out to Exit Glacier as well.  I’m dying to do the trail to the top of the ice field someday soon.


Once they left, we were back to being our little family of three.  Ridley has been getting a big bigger (he’s still so tiny!) and now we can take him on mile long flat hikes and even to the dog park!


And throughout all of this I’ve been obsessively watching the Olympics of course.  I can’t get enough of swimming, running, and gymnastics.  I’m also weirdly obsessed with the diving events.  Anyone else with me?

What have you been up to lately?  What Olympic event are you totally obsessed with?  If you could compete in any Olympic sport, what would it be?  I’d totally be a gymnast!


6 thoughts on “August Adventures

  1. Wow the pictures are beautiful!
    Up to? Nothing! Unfortunately I lost my running mojo which is not helpful as there is the 60 mile race in 4 weeks! 4 weeks and I didn’t train for it at all…
    I am even thinking of cancelling the event, but I don’t want hubby running on his own…
    So what to do? I honestly don’t know.
    At the moment I am more into kettle bell….

    1. Oh no! Losing running mojo is the worst. I know you’ll get it back in time for the event though. Do you ever take little breaks from running? Before my injury I would try to take breaks in between races so that I wouldn’t get burned out on running. Yoga used to be my favorite way to take a break, but it sounds like you’re loving kettle bell and might need to spend some time doing that so that you can start to miss running a bit!

      1. Yes, I did all the things you should when you lost your mojo…doing other things, time out from running, running without gadgets, other sports (also do yoga after/during kettle bell sessions) etc. but nothing helped so far. But waiting for it to come back in time….
        well, there is no time! Race is in 4 weeks and if I don’t train, it is not likely that I will make the 60 miles….SIGH… BIG SIGH…

  2. I missed your blog writing!! I’m glad you’re back. Did I tell you I got a puppy too? haha I couldn’t handle it after seeing yours LOL. Your house looks awesome! You are adulting so amazingly right now!

    1. Yay I’m glad I’m back too! And omg I’m off to stalk your blog for puppy pics! I’m so happy you got one too!

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