Introducing My Newest Running Partner!

Hi everyone!  I’ve got some really exciting news:  I have a new running partner, and he’s freaking adorable!


His name is Ridley and he’s a rescue dog from the tiny town of Chevak, AK.  He turned 10 weeks old on Sunday.  He’s part of a litter that appears to be some kind of lab mix, but we’re not sure what he is.  All we know is that he’s awesome half of the time, crazy part of the time, cuddly the rest of the time, and 100% adorable.


We picked him out at a clinic hosted last weekend by Alaskan Animal Rescue Friends (AARF) and it was the most intense experience of my life.  We saw pictures of his litter online and we knew we wanted to adopt him – the rest of his letter was yellow lab or an interesting mix of both, but he was the only dark one and I loved his little white paws and cute eyes.  The problem was that lots of other people did too!  But we managed to be first in line to pet him and as soon as he was in my arms I couldn’t say no.  He was brought up to date on his shots and then was delivered to us on Wednesday!  It’s been a crazy whirlwind of minimal sleep, tons of research on training methods, and lots of puppy kisses, but we’re all finally starting to settle into a routine and somewhat of an understanding of each other.  Puppy motherhood is HARD!


He’s not much of a walker yet, much less a runner, but I know when he’s older he will be the perfect running and hiking partner.  We named him Ridley after Ridley Creek State Park outside Philly, which is the place where I got married, started to run for the first time ever, and ran my first 5k.  If his name is any indicator of what kind of dog he’ll be, he is going to be one awesome puppy!

Any tips for newbie puppy moms?  How did you get your dog to like going on walks?  He hates his leash!

26 thoughts on “Introducing My Newest Running Partner!

  1. Aww gorgeous! Definitely a great encouragement to have a running partner! I’m sure he’ll get used to his leash in time- just start slow and soon he’ll be running along with you.

    1. Hahaha! I’ve been waiting 2 years to get him and I’m equally excited and terrified. This is harder than it looks, but he’s cute so that makes up for it 🙂

  2. He is so cute!! Just keep practicing with him on the leash and he’ll get used to it. Make it a positive experience every time and he’ll start to love his walks.

    1. That’s what we’re trying to do and it seems to be working a tiny bit. I bet a month from now I’ll be laughing at how much I wanted him to get better on the leash because he’ll be walking me all over the place!

  3. OMG CONGRATS!!!! I’m super jealous right now lol and I LOVE the name! I didn’t know you got married in that park too!!! haha awesome!

    1. Thank you! You need to get a puppy too! Although he’s more work then I ever imagined. But we’re making it happen 🙂

    1. Thank you! Yeah he’s slowly getting used to his leash now. It’s so funny that he hates walks now but I know he’ll love them really soon!

    1. Thanks! All of his bothers and sisters were yellow but he was clearly the cutest one there 🙂

  4. Oh my he is so cute. So glad it worked out for you. Love the name and the meaning behind it as well. Hoping to get one as the kids get older, if some treatments for my wife’s allergies work out for her (she wants to do it for her seasonally induced asthma, I just see the dog as a possible bonus). She has a hard time even with the “hypoallergenic” types of dogs sometimes.

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