Friday Five: Five Ways I’m Using my Buff This Summer

Disclaimer: I received the UV Buff to review as part of being a BibRave Pro. Learn more about becoming a BibRave Pro (Ambassador), and check out to review, find, and write race reviews!

Hi everyone!  Today I’m linking up with Mar, Cynthia, and Courtney for another Friday Five Linkup!  Because I’m a BibRave Pro, I was recently sent a UV Buff to test out.  It was actually a really exciting process because I got to choose which UV Buff I got, and instead of getting to choose from like 5 colors I instead had 188 colors and patterns to choose from!  Seriously, check out this link and you’ll understand how hard it is to pick just one to test out.  I eventually chose the “Remembrance” pattern and was so excited when it showed up in the mail.  How cute is this Buff?


I’m all about my gear being both functional and stylish, so I fell in love with my cute new UV Buff right away!  I immediately threw it into my purse to carry around with me on all of my Alaskan adventures.  With the summer coming I know I need my gear near me at all times in case I have an opportunity to get outdoors under the midnight sun!  Here are five things that I plan on doing with my UV Buff this summer:

1. Hiking:  This is hands down my favorite activity, and one where this Buff will be used a lot.  I can use it on chilly days to keep my head and face warm and on hot days to keep me cool.  I tested my UV Buff out on a hike in Powerline Pass where the snow hasn’t melted yet, and it kept me warm in some seriously windy conditions!


2.  Running:  I am going to get back to running this summer, I can just feel it!  I love using a Buff while running because it keeps the sweat out of my eyes and I can even wrap it around my wrist to use as a sweat band.  If it’s really hot, I can dunk it in water before putting it on to keep my head cool!

3.  Biking:  I’ve been using it on my bike and it’s been keeping my ears protected from the wind.  Biking along the coast can definitely get windy and cold pretty quickly so I love that I can wear it under my helmet and then quickly stash it in my pocket if I don’t need it.


4.  Yoga:  Free outdoor yoga sessions in the park start in a few weeks and I plan on rocking my UV Buff as a sweat-wicking headband on those hot, sunny nights.  The UV Buff is even better than my regular Buff when it comes to the midnight sun.  The Buff website says: “No more excuses for sunburns. No more hiding in the shade. UV BUFF® headwear keeps the sun fun while blocking 95% of harmful UV rays*. Like our Original BUFF® product, the UV BUFF® can be worn more than 12 different ways, from a headband to a cap to a balaclava, for a personalized style and perfect fit.”  I can’t wait to wear mine in the park late at night and be safe from UV rays!

5.  All over the place!  Because of the cute print, I’ve already worn it as an accessory and think that it makes a super cute addition to any outfit.  Plus it’s right there if I need to warm up, cool down, or protect myself from the sun.  The most unique place I’ve worn it so far is on a boat trip to Aialik Glacier in Kenai Fjords National Park.  I’m going to have to try to top that one!


I’ve got so many different kinds of Buffs and love all of their products, but this one is hands down my favorite because it’s got such a cute pattern that fits right in with my style.  I’m thinking about buying either this one or this one too!  Which one would you choose?

Do you have a UV Buff?  What is your favorite way to use a Buff?  And what’s the craziest place you’ve ever worn one?

13 thoughts on “Friday Five: Five Ways I’m Using my Buff This Summer

  1. You certainly have found the perfect ways to use your buff. We were first introduced to the Buff while skiing in Austria a number of years ago. One of the guys in our group had one, and he showed us all the possible ways to wear it while having after ski drinks in the lodge. It was hilarious. On another note, they are great when there is a bug problem, we wore ours over our faces (you can see through) when avoided these nasty little black flies.

    1. Ooooh that is so good to know! We can get some crazy bugs here in in Alaska so I’ll have to try that!

  2. I ❤️ Buffs. I have 2 half-Buffs and a headband. I tend to use them mostly as methods of taming my crazy hair when I run. I love the pattern of the one you got!

  3. I love the pattern you got! I’ve seen Buffs before but have yet to try them out. My biggest thing is that I need to figure out how to use them with my bangs (I have short, side-swept bangs). I don’t like trying to push the bangs back because A) they never stay, and B) If you take whatever you’re wearing out it looks made crazy/bad.

    1. I know that struggle! I sometimes can get away with pinning my long bangs straight back under the Buff and when I un-pin them they actually got back into place pretty easily. Or you can just wear your Buff all day long 🙂

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