Friday Five: Five Ways That Biking is Like Running

Hi everyone!  It’s time for another Friday Five Linkup with Mar, Cynthia, and Courtney.  This week was kind of rough for me honestly.  Sometimes I think I’m getting through this injury just fine, and then I have a week like this one where I’m feeling pretty sad about not being able to run.  I’m not going to lie, it’s so hard sometimes to realize that I’ve still got a long way to go before I’m able to run carefree and pain free again.  I realized on my bike ride on Wednesday that it’s almost like I’m “homesick” for running – I’m nostalgic and sad when I think about how happy I was when I could run, and I’m bummed because I’m not sure when I can go back to being a runner again.  The most interesting part about all of this is that I was thinking this through on a nice long bike ride where I covered more milage along the gorgeous coast of Anchorage than I ever could on my own two feet.  And that’s when I realized that even though I can’t run right now, I can bike pain free – and it’s pretty similar to running!  How?

Friday Five - Five Ways Biking is Like Running

1. If you can run it, you can bike it.  I’ve been missing all of my old running trails like crazy, so I was happy to see that I can get back to spending time on them with my bike instead of my running shoes!  I’m now wondering when I can get a mountain bike so that I can bike on some of my favorite non-paved trails.  #roadbikeproblems

2. I can push myself hard.  Once thing I really miss about running is the ability to push myself hard when I’m stressed out, angry, frustrated, whatever!  It was my favorite way to put myself in a good mood, and it drove me crazy when I couldn’t do it.  But biking lets me work my legs hard and push myself for miles, and it feels sooooo good afterwards.  I’m not sure if I’ll ever be able to get a “runner’s high” from riding my bike, but I might try!

3. I can use a lot of the same gear.  I’ve got some running jackets and half zips that have zipper pockets on the lower back, and I can store my phone and keys in there while I ride.  My flip belt works really well for that too!  I’ve also been using my old running shoes to ride, as well as my favorite running headbands under my helmet.  Other than some good padded capris, I didn’t have to run out and buy anything new in order to start riding!

4. I can keep track of my biking adventures.  I originally thought I’d have to get one of those bike computer things to track how far I was going each ride.  And then I discovered that my current Runkeeper app has a “biking” option for tracking bike rides!  I love it!  I can keep track of how far and fast I’m going and use that to keep my tri training going strong.  Seriously, check your apps and then get out there and track all sorts of things!

5. I can set goals and then completely crush them.  I think one of the things I miss so much about running is that I’d go a certain distance or certain speed, and then would try to beat that.  Sadly, I haven’t been able to run hard or run far in the last 7 months.  But now that I’m starting out as a total newbie with biking, I’m seeing speed and/or distance PRs each time I ride and it’s super motivating!  It makes me look back on my first few months of running and I love it.  I may have an uncertain future with running, but I can set some bike goals and that’s just as good  🙂

Bike riding might just be the thing I need to get through this injury without going crazy, and I’m actually excited to see what will happen if I keep on riding!  I’m so glad I found something similar to running that doesn’t hurt me at all!

Do you run and ride a bike or do you choose just one?  What is your favorite thing about biking?  Does it ever take the place of running for you?

9 thoughts on “Friday Five: Five Ways That Biking is Like Running

  1. I just run, but have biked some. I want to do more, because I want to do a triathlon again in the future, and that was my weak point. It definitely is great how much you can see in the same time, and do it with less impact but get a great workout still.

  2. I do run and ride. Riding is good cross training, but I have done a few duathlons. I feel like it’s a great workout to combine both. I still feel like it takes longer to get ready to go out on the bike and get in a ride that really “counts”. I feel like it takes about an hour bike ride to equal a 30 minute run!

  3. I enjoy bike riding, but more as a form of leisure than for fitness, though I do try to track my rides with Runkeeper when I can! I’m glad that biking has helped you while you’re currently unable to run. It is a lot of fun!

  4. I love biking. It’s a lot easier for me to bike in hot weather rather than run. So especially during the summer I’ll do a long-ish ride on the weekends & keep my run short or non-existent & do those on week day mornings instead.

    I also love the feeling when I really get moving & can keep up with cars on the 25MPH roads.

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