Product Review: Merino Wool Buff

Disclaimer: I received the Merino Wool Buff to review as part of being a BibRave Pro. Learn more about becoming a BibRave Pro (ambassador), and check out to review find and write race reviews!

So it’s been another warm and snow-free winter here in Alaska, but it’s still hard to run and hike when it’s under 20 degrees and it feels like your face is freezing off!  So when I got the opportunity to test out Buff’s awesome merino wool version of their classic buff,  I totally jumped on it!  I was so excited to be chosen to test it out, even though I haven’t been able to run much recently because of my re-injury.  Even though I only got to run in it once, I was able to test it out in a few different scenarios and loved it every time!

img_0791My wool Buff hanging out with my snowshoes because it’s ready for any winter adventure!

According to Buff’s website, “Merino Wool BUFF® headwear is a soft, warm, wind-resistant and lightweight layer made with 100% merino wool. All the versatility you expect from a BUFF® with the natural moisture management and odor control properties outdoor enthusiasts love about wool.”  I love the way that wool socks help my feet stay warmer, drier, and more comfortable, and I figured that the wool Buff would do the same thing for my neck, head, and face.  And I was right!

For my first sweaty Buff adventure, I wore the wool Buff during a hike on an especially warm and gorgeous day.  Since it was warmer, I decided to wear it as a headband instead of a scarf.  To do this, I folded it in half and then scrunched it up until it covered my ears.  It kept my ears warm in the wind while also keeping my face sweat free!  And even though it got damp I didn’t feel any irritation or coldness at all.

I did have the chance to try it out and about in Anchorage on some really chilly days too!  I was especially glad to have it during the Iditarod ceremonial start.  It was about 25 degrees but windy, and I was outside from 10 am to 4 pm.  I wore it up around my ears and nose to keep my face warm during some especially windy hours watching the dogs run by from the top of a parking garage.

Wearing the wool Buff to keep my face warm – and some of the dogs had little Buffs on too!

For the rest of the day, I wore it as a scarf around my neck.  I love doing this with Buffs – they are the most easy, low-maintenance way to keep your neck warm and still look cute!  They are really comfortable too.  There’s nothing like finding out your wool scarf is itchy when you’ve got a long day outside, but the wool Buff wasn’t itchy at all!

Standing at the start line wearing the wool Buff!

I actually began carrying my wool Buff in my purse and would use it almost daily when I walked out to my car in the cold mornings.  It’s really easy to pull on and off, even when you’re dressed up for work.  It has become something that I use daily and I can see myself doing that all winter long next year too!  But the best part is that even though I’m injured, I had the chance to wear it on my very first post-injury run last night!  I did 3:2 intervals – 3 minutes walking, 2 minutes running for 15 minutes total.  It felt good and I didn’t have any pain!  Plus my face and neck stayed warm with my wool Buff.  I can’t wait to go for my next super slow run with my wool Buff again soon!

Have you ever tried the wool Buff?  How do you keep your face, neck, and ears warm and dry on winter hikes and runs?

4 thoughts on “Product Review: Merino Wool Buff

  1. I have not tried buffs but they look look super cozy and cute! Good to hear they aren’t itchy – that is usually my concern with wool items. Love that you found so many different ways to wear it!

    1. They are the best! You technically can find off-brand ones for cheaper, but they’re not as nice and warm. I love that you can use them in lots of ways so it’s like a hat, scarf, and headband in one!

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