February is THE WORST.

Hi everyone!  And congratulations to all of you for surviving the worst month ever, February!  I know February is the shortest month of the year, but it always feels like the longest, especially here in Alaska.  Why do I hate it so much?

  • It’s cold.
  • It’s dark.
  • The sun is coming back, which wreaks havoc on everyone’s Seasonal Affective Disorder here in Alaska.  We have all been sad zombies the past month.
  • I always get sick.  As does everyone I know.  I was actually sick the entire past week with 3 different situations (stomach bug, cold, and eye infection), so that was fun.
  • There is no snow.  It all melted into ice weeks ago which is impossible to walk on, so it’s really hard to spend any time outside without ice cleats or studded shoes.
  • Summer seems so far away.

ryan gosling february.jpgIf that drink is a Flat White from Starbucks, then yes  🙂

Plus, this year on top of all of that I’m injured and can’t do any of my favorite activities like running or classes at the gym.  Blah.  But I’m hoping that March will bring much happier things – like more sunlight, spring-like weather, and less injury and illnesses!  Since it’s the last day in February, I wanted to recap my month and then move on tomorrow with a clean slate.  So here’s how I did with my monthly goals:

Read one new book: I read a really cool historical book called Nothing Daunted: The Unexpected Education of Two Society Girls in the West by Dorothy Wickenden.  It was a true story created from Dorothy’s grandma’s letters home to her family during her one year of teaching school in Colorado in the early 1900s.  As a teacher and lover of traveling to remote and exciting places to live (Alaska), this was so interesting to me!  Plus I’m a giant history nerd.  It wasn’t as good as Half Broke Horses, but was still a really good read if you like historical fiction/nonfiction.

Cook one new healthy recipe: My husband and I discovered the joys of cauliflower mashed potatoes and we are in love!  I swear they taste just like the real thing!  But it’s not technically a recipe considering it’s just cauliflower, butter, and salt in a food processor.

Try one new class at the gym (or new teacher): I tried a new Group Power class, which re-aggrivated my injury.  So that happened.

Run or hike one new place/trail: I skied on Archangel Road  in Hatcher Pass!  I’ve never even driven on that road before so that’s definitely new territory!

February’s monthly challenge:  This month, my challenge was to write in a gratitude journal every night.  I used the journal that I talked about in this blog post, and I loved it!  While I accidentally skipped a few night (they were all weekend nights), it definitely became a nightly ritual for me and has helped me out more than I could have imagined.  I swear these were all meant for me on those exact nights – some of the prompts were eerily accurate to what I was going through that day and really helped me find the good in some really awful days. This was the perfect challenge for February, but I hope to keep it up from here on out!

hello march

In March, I’m going to be working towards these goals again, but my monthly challenge will be different.  Coming out of February, I’m a stressed out, injured mess dealing with SAD and a few big decisions that are coming up in my life.  So what do I need the most right now?  Some meditation!  So for March, I’ve decided to take time to meditate each day.  This is definitely going to range in length each day – some days may only be a few minutes and some might be 10 or more.  But I need to make time in my busy days to learn how to turn off my thoughts and worries and just BE.  I’m excited to start this practice tomorrow!

How was your February?  What is your least favorite month of the year?  Do you have any big goals for March?

35 thoughts on “February is THE WORST.

  1. February was a bust for me as well. I was sick the entire month (like you, but no eye infection) and over all it seemed to drag! Good thing is that a month is here tomorrow!!! Hope you are feeling better!!

    1. Thanks! I’m so glad to know I’m not the only one who had a sucky month. I hope we can both have an easier time in March!

  2. I ran a really nice half marathon (Broxa Breaker) with my husband. It was quite warm, 8C, sunshine, a lot of mud, ankle deep water, very big hills and nice views! It took us 2:10.
    Only disturbing thing:
    My SKINS tights kept on slipping down. When I compared them to my older ones at home, I discovered the new ones (same size and make) where much shorter! NOT HAPPY.
    From March onward I will run half marathon distances every weekend + races.

  3. Well, I do like feb since my birthday falls in it, but weather wise it always sucks. And it’s the time you get teased with spring, which just seems out of reach.

    I tried cauliflower mashed potatoes last night too. Ok, not too exciting. I think I needed to thin mine with a bit of almond milk but I didn’t think of it and I only have vanilla almost milk anyway. I’ll try it again.

    1. Oh birthday months automatically can’t suck! But yeah, February is always the worst with weather. And I think the cauliflower mashed potatoes are tricky to figure out at first. You can definitely tell you’re not eating yummy potatoes the first few times, but with the right seasoning it totally works! We use butter and garlic salt which is pretty yummy. Good luck on figuring it out!

      1. I used butter flavored olive oil. I was going to use butter, but changed my mind.

        I definitely keep trying. I’ll have to try the garlic salt — I would never have though of that — thanks!

    1. Thank you! The one big one is work related (either staying where I am or going up for a promotion) and the other big one is a possible house purchase which I’m sure I’ll talk more about on the blog soon! So many things going on, but hopefully it’s all good things!

    1. I’ve only tried it a few times, but I love doing it savasana at the end of yoga classes. If my body can’t handle a full yoga class yet, I’ll be missing out on that meditation so I need to try to get it in some other way. I’ll totally write a post on it once I’ve tried it out!

  4. sorry that february is so tough for you! i generally like february because every weekend always has something fun going on (superbowl, valentine’s day, oscars), but the weather is generally pretty shitty, so i’m with you on that point. my big goal for march is to propose my dissertation topic, so i guess a sub-goal is to manage my stress! maybe i should take up mediating too to help with that?

    1. You know, that’s a good point about February. I think I just had a really bad month with lots of blah things happening in a row. Plus honestly February is tough in Alaska. It’s not even gold (I think the coldest day was like 25 degrees?) but it’s just so gross and dark outside. Maybe next year we’ll have a snowy February and I can ski my way through the month!

  5. I’d talk to Ryan about anything and everything that he’d to, and at any point in time. 😉

    Glad we’re almost through with February, too!

  6. I agree with you completely.. February is my least favorite month for sure! This year I tried to plan a few fun weekends that would keep me looking forward to things. We took a trip to Chicago and one to St. Louis, so this month was actually pretty busy.

    Making time to meditate is such a great goal! I rarely do it so that’s a good idea 🙂

    1. That’s awesome! I definitely need to schedule vacations every February from now on. I just need some sunshine and relaxation right now!

  7. I am totally with you on February sucking! March isn’t usually my favourite, but with how sick I’ve been in February (basically the WHOLE FREAKING MONTH!) I’m super ready for March!

    1. I’m so glad I’m not alone! I feel like I’ve been sick (and injured) all month too, so I’m hoping March brings us both healthy vibes!

  8. February wasn’t necessarily bad for me but it was busy! I can’t say I’m sad to see it go. My goal for March is to get recentered and refocused instead of feeling all over the place. I hope March goes better for you!

  9. Yay for February being over! 😀 I also don’t like the month, but I think I dislike March more, in general. March gives me false hopes of spring every year, but is always gray and dead and slushy and so. long. At least February has a long holiday weekend, whereas March has none! It feels endless. And I hate losing an hour of sleep with daylight savings time. Heh, I’m such a curmudgeon! 🙂 Here’s hoping March is better for you!

    1. I don’t get that holiday weekend, so I guess that’s why I don’t miss it! In Alaska, spring break is in the middle of March (we get out of school in mid-May) and even though I don’t get off work I do get an easier week to recharge a bit before the end of the year (I’m not a teacher but I do most of my work in a few different schools). Ugh and I forgot about Daylight Savings! I was just talking about how nice it is to wake up with sunlight, and now we’ll lose that again 😦 But hey, I hope we both have a good March!

  10. February is always a tough month. It’s so cold and dark. I imagine in Alaska, it’s even worse. I had a tough February too with getting sick. I hope March is better for ya!!

    1. Yes the darkness is rough! We’re getting 8 hours of sunlight now but it’s still just so dark and cloudy and blah most of the month. It has been pretty warm here actually (30s and 40s) for a while now which is actually a bad thing because we have no snow so no fun winter activities are happening here. I hope we both have a much better and more sick-free March!

  11. Feb has always been my least favorite month…somehow it always is filled with a lot of tragedy and drama over the years. I am sad to hear you had a bummer Feb also.
    Here is to March and to many wonderful moments with meditation!

    1. Yes! This month is ridiculous with the bad news and sad stuff! I hope that we both have a much better time in March!

  12. I’m glad Feb is over for you! I lived in WA state for 3 years always dark and dreary I also experienced SAD I love the sun and I’m so happy it is warming up in Colorado.

    1. Yes SAD is so crazy in the pacific northwest. WA and AK have so many cloudy days! I’m happy you are in a much sunnier location now. Enjoy March!

  13. OMG, I could not agree more with this post! February is the worst month!! It’s cold and dark and awful, haha! So glad it’s March now!! Sounds like it’s already off to an awesome start for you with your news about the Golden Nugget Tri!

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