Friday Five: My Five Valentines in 2016

Hi everyone!  It’s Friday, which means it’s time for another Friday Five with Mar, Cynthia, and Courtney.  In honor of Valentine’s Day this weekend, I’m going to share my five valentines this year!  I did this last year too, and it was so much fun looking back on the answers.  This year, I decided to talk about 5 new things that I’m loving right now!


1. Pizza:  This is probably my one true love!  Even when I went sugar, gluten, and dairy free for 8 weeks, this was the one thing that I couldn’t live without.  This year I somehow managed to find pizza valentines at Target and I was so excited to share them with my favorite people!


2.  Yoga:  I’m excited to report that I’ve been going to yoga class at least once a week in 2016!  Even though I’ve been doing yoga on and off for a while now, I’m definitely falling more in love with it each time I attend a class.  I love how I feel after a yoga class, and I can already feel myself getting stronger and better at some poses.  Plus, it’s a great way to show my body some much needed self care and gratitude!  If you need more tips on how to practice gratitude, check out Wednesday’s post for a few more ideas!

3.  Cross country skiing:  This is probably my newest love, and I’m really falling hard!  Sometimes literally.  But when I’m not falling over, I really like it!  Because we’re snow free, I get the chance to drive out to some really beautiful places to try something new.  It really makes me want the winter to last forever – just with lots more snow!


4.  Coffee:  I love it so much that I can’t live without it!  My new aeropress is basically my best friend right now.

5.  Other bloggers:  I love blogging, but my favorite part is getting to know all the other awesome bloggers out there!  I love reading about your running/yoga journeys, and I feel so grateful to be able to make connections with all of you.  Thanks for being my valentine this year!

Happy Valentine’s Day everyone!  I hope you get to spend time with all of your valentines on Sunday.  I’ll hopefully spend time with all of these things this weekend, as well as my biggest valentines – my husband and running!  🙂

What is your valentine this year?  Do you still hand out valentines?  What food would be your valentine?

35 thoughts on “Friday Five: My Five Valentines in 2016

  1. I think I’d love cross country skiing. There are no options close to here or I’d definitely give it a try (I’m not a fan of downhill, but I love being out in the snow.) And coffee… I couldn’t survive without coffee.

    1. It’s so much fun! And even though there’s some hills, it’s not scary at all. And you are not alone with the coffee situation!

    1. Haha yes he does! 🙂 Although I wrote about him last year which is why he didn’t get a feature this year, just a mention at the bottom of the post. He buys me pizza on valentine’s day instead of flowers and candy and I love it!

    1. We don’t either! I have to drive an hour away to get into this mountain pass where they maintain the ski path. If we could just get some snow on the ground at sea level I could go on the trails right by my house which would be awesome!

  2. Chocolate. Definitely chocolate. I do love pizza, but rarely eat it these days (although once in a while I do). Running, of course. Yoga.

    Massages — and I’m getting one Sunday — it’s been far too long since my lat one.

    1. Yes! I’ve been doing it on and off for a while and had no idea how much more amazing it is when you do it all the time!

  3. Aw, I love this post! I’m working really hard to get back into regular yoga practice, which for me right now, is doing YouTube videos at home, which is certainly better than nothing! Also, coffee. All the coffee. I’ve been eyeing an aeropress for a while, but considering I already have a french press and a pour over system, I should probably just say no…

    1. Using YouTube for yoga is awesome! I do that every time I can’t make it to the gym and I love that I can choose exactly what class I want to take each time. And I love my aeropress at work! I keep it in my office so that I can make yummy individual cups of coffee whenever I need it. They’re really cheap too, just saying 🙂

    1. Target is the best! I always find the cutest things there so it was just a matter of time that they brought in pizza valentines 🙂

    1. I’ve done this before!!!! I know that Papa Johns used to sell them too in case you want to take the lazy route 🙂

  4. I’m also trying to go to a yoga class once a week this year! I’m keeping it up so far, though some weeks they’re video classes.

    1. That totally works too! I’m about to do a video class right now because I couldn’t make it to any classes today. It gives me the same benefits as a real class does!

    1. That’s such a cute idea! I always love stuff like that, so I may have to borrow that one in the future!

  5. Oh man, I’m a pizza lover too! I think it might be the one thing I can’t give up so I’m glad I don’t have to 🙂 That skiing photo is beautiful.

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