Friday Five: Five Bucket List Items for 2016

Hi everyone!  Today is the last January Friday Five linkup with Cynthia, Courtney, and Mar this year!  The topic is “Free Friday”, so I figured I would keep up with the January theme of writing posts about 2016 and share my bucket list for 2016!  These aren’t necessarily my goals, mostly because there are so many reasons why each of these things might not work out this year.  But there’s nothing wrong with dreaming big!  This is a list of things that I’d love to see happen, but if they don’t I’ve got an alternate goal in place so that I’m at least making progress towards the things I really want to do!

bucket list.jpg

1. Run the Lost Lake Run in Seward, AK in August.:  Unlike the very famous Mount Marathon trail race in Seward, this one is much longer but easier.  It’s 16 miles point to point up and down a mountain with gorgeous views, and while I’m not equipped to run 16 miles anytime soon I know I can hike the entire thing in 5 hours -so even if I have to walk all of it I still won’t come in last place.  The problem is that it sells out super fast so I’ve got to be right there when registration opens!  And also my main goal is to stay healthy and injury-free for the Philly Marathon, so I can always wait until next year for this race.
Alternate goal:  Run any trail race.  I want to do more trail running this year!

IMG_5937Hiking the Lost Lake trail last summer!

2. Hike the Crow Pass trail:  We started gathering backpacking supplies last fall, and now we’re almost ready to get out there for a long overnight hike!  This one is absolutely gorgeous and right here in Anchorage so I really want to it to happen this year.  The hard part is the logistics of a point-to-point trail, finding the best time to go with weather/snow/bears, and convincing my husband we can really do it!
Alternate goal:  Take one backpacking trip here in AK.

3. Learn how to ski:  I got to try cross country skiing out last weekend, but now I really want to know what I’m doing out there!  The bad news is that Anchorage is having some sort of early spring and our half inch of snow is now icy slush from all the rain.  If we don’t ever get actual snow this goal can’t happen this year.
Alternate goal:  Learn how to ice skate – I can do that indoors regardless of temperature!


4. Cross three more states off of my 50 states running list:  I did this last year, and I’d love to keep up that momentum so that I can reach my 50 states goal as soon as possible!  Plus travel is a necessity in my life.  I need to get on a plane at least every six months!
Alternate goal: run in at least one other state, even if it’s just a fun run on vacation.

5. Buy a house:  We currently live in the midtown area of Anchorage, which is super close to some great food, shopping, and the most gorgeous running trails.  But our apartment is tiny and we’re sick of keeping so much of our stuff in a storage unit because we don’t have a garage, closets, or a second bedroom.  So we’re hoping to make the move to a townhouse sometime this summer!  It’s scary but I think we’re ready to make a commitment to Alaska!
Alternate goal:  Learn what I can do this year to make this a reality in 2017.

IMG_6701This fabulous trail is currently a 2 minute drive from my apartment so I’d like to keep it that way  🙂

What’s on your bucket list for 2016?  If you could do one crazy amazing thing this year what would it be?

37 thoughts on “Friday Five: Five Bucket List Items for 2016

  1. If I would be able to, I would run the Isle of Skye ultra!
    I signed up for a half road marathon and a full trail marathon and this weekend I meet some ladies to do a half marathon recce run.
    After that I will decide if I sign up for two ultras, maybe two more half and a female only 5k mud race in Edinburgh which I would do with my sister (she would come over from Germany). But I am still arguing with my husband because the helpers are some kind of strippers, hehehehehe… so sweet when he acts all jealous!

  2. I’ve really wanted to run the mount marathon race in Seward! It looks crazy intense and fun, but the one you were talking about sounds pretty great too. I live in Kansas so I do most of my racing in Colorado. I have a few trail races on my bucket list this year.

    1. Haha well I’d hike it first before trying to sign up (which is almost impossible anyways, the locals have a monopoly in the lottery), it is so much harder than it looks! In Alaska we broadcast the men’s race on TV, so I bet you could stream it off the news website next 4th of July if you want to check it out. I still haven’t hiked the runner’s trail yet (I’m all about the longer, slightly less insane trail up the mountain) because it’s so steep and dangerous, but that’s on my hiking bucket list for the distant future 🙂 But if you ever do come up here to run it let me know!

  3. I rarely do crazy things!

    I would like to cross 3 more states off this year, too. That’s the plan, anyway.

    I don’t like skiing (too scary, tried it as a kid); love to ice skate, but gave that up when I got more serious about running!

    1. Haha you need to get on that this year! And I love that we have the same states goal. I hope we can both make it happen!

    1. Yes! I love getting to see new places from a running trail. I’ll never forget getting to run in Zion last March – that was such an awesome way to get to see Utah and I’m hoping to do more national park races soon!

    1. I’ve run 9 (including DC) and at the moment don’t have any out of state races planned yet. It’s so hard coming from Alaska too because I’ve got to travel so far to get anywhere. I’m hoping to do a few vacations over the next few years that have me doing 2 states each trip just so that I can cross off as many states as possible while I’m out of Alaska! Good luck with state #10 and beyond!

    1. Thank you! That one is probably the one that I want to do the most, but the one that might not happen right now. It’s so much money and so big of a commitment!

  4. I’m constantly gobsmacked by how gorgeous Alaska is every time I look at photos on your blog! 🙂 That’s a great bucket list, and I like how you have alternate goals – good idea! Travel is definitely on my bucket list this year too… hopefully to a place I haven’t been before.

    1. Like Alaska? 🙂 Seriously though, it’s so gorgeous up here! And we have some awesome races up here in the summer!

  5. Ok so first of all, your Bucket List items are all great. Second, I love that you have alternate ideas. It’s so nice not to feel that just because you didn’t accomplish the big thing, you didn’t make progress. Having a backup plan makes so much sense, and will likely give you so much more of a feeling of accomplishment at the end of the year.

    1. Yes! Well since these are huge, almost unreachable goals I’m trying to not get disappointed if I can’t do it all. I really do hope I can buy a house though, that’s probably top priority of everything on here!

    1. June for the Mayor’s Midnight Sun races! Or August for Run Fest? You let me know what time of year you can get up here and I’ll help you plan it out 🙂

    1. Oh those are good points. I think since I’m already partially injured and have no big runs in the immediate future I’m more willing to try things out. When I say skiing I do mean cross country, NOT downhill! I’m too unlucky and uncoordinated for that!

  6. This list is AWESOME! I’d love to hitch on to pretty much every goal (ha, even including a Townhouse, that’s what I’d like to move into sometime in the next couple of years).

    Skiing looks like fun. I tried out snowboarding around 2 years ago or so, and I loved it. I really want to go again sometimes soon, and eventually learn the skii. The problem is, I’d love to do that with other people, and none of my friends are interested (sadface).

    The Lost Lake race sounds fun!! Either running it or hiking. I want to do a ton more trail racing once I’m healed. I’m really excited for my North Face Endurance 5K one, and also just training at this local hiking spot/park near me.

    Good luck with all your dreams!

    1. Haha feel free to join me! 🙂 I’m only trying cross country skiing for now, I’m way too much of a hot mess to go down any hills. I hear you on the friends thing – I definitely can’t be out there alone, I would die! Hopefully you can find some people to join you soon!

    1. That’s awesome! I’ve only done it a few times and I was a hot mess, so I’m planning on starting on some of the outdoor elementary school rinks that have a railing and then I’ll move out to the lakes. I’m going to have to practice forever!

  7. I love the physical things on your list such as ice skating and skiing. My big goal for 2016 is to have my body uninjured and to complete two more marathon major races.

    1. Staying injury free is my big running goal for the year too! I hope that we can both stay healthy and keep on running!

  8. Can I just come run and hike all over Alaska with you? It looks so gorgeous! My husband and I just bought a house last month and kept joking that it was a bigger commitment than marriage. Good luck with all your goals for this year!

    1. Haha yes please come up here! And you’re totally right about house buying. It’s so stressful but I’m hoping it works out!

  9. my “big” goal this year is to go out of the country; my passport has been sitting neglected for 3 years now and i want to travel! i’m also hoping to cross a few states off my list this year 🙂 it just comes down to what i can make happen!

    1. Oooh that sounds awesome! I’ll be running a relay race in Canada in September again, but other than that I doubt I’ll be heading out of the country. I hope you get to do it so I can live vicariously through your blog posts! 🙂

    1. That’s so cool! I’ve done Delaware (and got my 5k PR there) but haven’t done Georgia yet. Good luck with your out of state races!

    1. No clue! Any 3 new states will work for me. I’m hoping to get a bunch of the west coast states first!

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