Friday Five: Five Bucket List Items for 2016

Hi everyone!  Today is the last January Friday Five linkup with Cynthia, Courtney, and Mar this year!  The topic is “Free Friday”, so I figured I would keep up with the January theme of writing posts about 2016 and share my bucket list for 2016!  These aren’t necessarily my goals, mostly because there are so many … More Friday Five: Five Bucket List Items for 2016

A Shaky Weekend

Hi everyone!  Here in Anchorage I had quite the shaky weekend – literally.  I’ll sandwich the bad stuff in the middle with some awesome adventures on either end so that it’s not such as scary post to write! Saturday:  I had been so stressed all week about an event that I was participating in for work … More A Shaky Weekend

Goal Setting 101

Hi everyone!  Now that things are getting back to normal, I’m feeling like I’m ready to start making my goals for 2016.  But making those goals is tough – where do you even begin?  That’s why I decided to write a Goal Setting 101 post for those of us who are still working on our 2016 … More Goal Setting 101

PA Trip Recap

Hi everyone!  Sorry for the long break in posts, but life has been so crazy this past week as I traveled from Philly to Alaska, tried to get back to normal life, and ended up ultimately getting super sick.  I must have taken a million pictures while I was home, so I wanted to do … More PA Trip Recap