2015 Goal Check-In

Hi everyone!  I can’t believe this, but we’re in the final days of 2015!  I did a lot this year (check out this post for my year in running) and I couldn’t be more proud of how much I accomplished and how many new things I tried.  I couldn’t even list them all on here!  But here are some highlights:

2015 with sparklers

  • I hiked Angels Landing in Zion – definitely the hardest hike of my life
  • I survived my first winter in Alaska
  • I visited Fairbanks and was convinced that Anchorage is the best
  • I got through my first year of teaching and had a blast doing it
  • I signed up for my first running group (the Her Tern Half training group) and met lots of new people here in Anchorage and learned so much from my coaches
  • I hiked Lost Lake in Seward in only 5 hours
  • I ran Ragnar Colorado without knowing anyone else on the team
  • I ran the Klondike Road Relay, ran 9ish miles at 6 AM on almost no sleep, and managed to not die
  • I made new friends in Alaska
  • I ran the Bony Sosa trail run series and bought my first pair of trail shoes
  • I coached Girls on the Run and helped lots of girls cross their very first finish line
  • I joined a gym
  • I finished my first half marathon where I felt strong the whole way through and didn’t want to die at the end (Columbia Gorge Half)
  • I did an 8 week healthy eating challenge and learned that my body hates sugar and I can run so much faster and longer without it
  • I got injured and learned a lot about my body and how to keep myself healthy

When I set my goals for 2015, I had some pretty high hopes for my year, I didn’t meet all my goals, but I’m still pretty proud of myself!  First of all, I set a one word goal for the year:


I was hoping to embrace everything that Alaska had to offer – as well as anything that life threw my way.  Here’s a quote from my post about it: “despite how much of a rookie we are at all things Alaskan, we want to embrace every part of living here. We want to have no regrets this year.”  I can honestly say that we totally owned this goal!  We hiked so many new places and tried out so many things that we can only do in Alaska, and I feel so much happier here than I was last year.  I can honestly say that I love Alaska more than ever, and it’s because we took the time to embrace everything about it!

In addition to our one word goal, I came up with 5 goals for 2015.  I didn’t exactly accomplish all of them though:

new years goals 2015

1. PR in all race distances: Sadly this did not happen.  The only 5ks I ran were when I was injured, and despite running 3 half marathons I didn’t PR in any of them – or even get close to a PR.  Oh well.  I did PR in my 5 miler and got an automatic PR in my 12k, so that helps!

2. Go sub-2:30 in a half marathon:  Despite wanting to do this so badly, I didn’t accomplish this.  To be fair, I was injured for 2 out of my 3 half marathons this year, and I had the craziest leg pain at mile 9 in Her Tern despite training so hard for my goal time.  Even though physical stuff held me back, I’m beginning to wonder if this is a mental thing.  I really want to crush this goal in 2016!

3. Get into yoga.  I did awesome at this!  I took a Yoga 101 workshop back in January, and from there I tried out lots of different yoga studios in Anchorage.  I fell in love with one studio, but sadly can’t afford it.  So I’m now just taking classes at my gym instead.  I’m hoping to establish more of a consistent home practice as well, although I now do 10 minutes of yoga and stretching after each run.

4. Do more “Alaskan” cross training:  I did pretty well with this considering how non-snowy our winter was last year (and pretty much the same thing is happening this year too!).  I went snowshoeing for the first time ever, hiked a ton of trails, did some trail running, kayaked a few times, and even trekked to find the perfect Christmas tree in the wilderness.  Despite buying ice skates and cross country skis, I haven’t used them yet.  I’m so excited to try them though!

5. Run 500 miles throughout the year:  Ugh.  I was on par to blow this goal completely out of the water with a total of 450 miles done by the end of October.  And then I was totally sidelined from running by my PT until the beginning of December, and my cautious return to running meant that I will probably finish out the year at around only 470 miles.  I’m bummed about being so close yet so far, but I know that my body couldn’t have made up for the month off of running.  But it’s amazing just knowing that I would have gotten it if I’d been stronger.  It gives me hope for 2016!

I don’t like to set new goals while I’m still working on old ones, so I’ll save my 2016 goals for the new year!  I hope you had an incredible 2015 and met a bunch of your goals.  Happy New Year!

What goals did you reach in 2015?  If you could sum up your year in one word, what would it be?

17 thoughts on “2015 Goal Check-In

  1. I think you truly did embrace what came your way this year–you embraced Alaska (hello, chopping down your own tree), you embraced your running injury issues (you worked to get better), so now you have a solid foundation to build upon!

  2. Sounds like you made 2015 a pretty outstanding year to be proud of. What you didn’t accomplish you can work towards for 2016. At the end of 2015 you should be proud of all of it! Cheers!!!

  3. Great year! You definitely had a lot of adventure in 2015! My 2015 in one word? Injured 😦 Hopefully we’ll both be injury-free in 2016!

    1. Ugh that was my word at the end of the year too 😦 Let’s hope our words for 2016 are way more positive!

  4. Congrats on “embracing” Alaska!! It sounds like you accomplished a ton this year, on top of wrestling Alaska into submission! I give you kudos just for surviving the winter there. Its just above 35 where I am and I’m constantly cold….

    1. Thank you! It’s actually not as cold as you’d think here. If it was snowier we would have the chance to go outside, but it’s too warm for snow now 😦 Winter is so crazy!

  5. Omg! You certainly did a ton in 2015!! I’m really jealous of a few of those. I will have to search to see if you have a post on the Zion hike. Love to read about that.

    I had a -ton- of goals that I kind of just randomly started for myself in August, but then hit my injury in November and that all went down the drain. Now that I’m seeing all these ‘New Year’ goal posts from SPA on Facebook and via people’s comments, it kinda makes me want to recap my year and post about my goals for 2016 (there are quite a few haha).

    I LOVE snowshoeing. I did it for the first time with an ex-boyfriend (yuck) 2 years ago. My plan a few months ago was to do one of the little Appalachian Mountain Club trips (https://activities.outdoors.org/search/index.cfm/action/details/id/86028 ) which is yoga + snowshoeing + spa…but the dates are getting too close and it’s not an option for 2016. Always next year thou!

    If you are just getting into Yoga, you might also want to check out http://fitstar.com/yoga/ . I mean, there are a bunch of online platforms out there, and there is YouTube. But I like that Fitstar it’s an actual program, and you can say when something is ‘too hard’ or ‘too easy’ or ‘just right’. I do think you it’s good to have had actual class experience at least a little beforehand.

    This ended up a super long comment! I think you’ve got me about to write my own goal post, but some of my main goals is:

    1. To do Cotopaxi’s Questival (amazing 24 ‘race’ that involves kinda a scavenger hunt with at least 2 people on a team) http://questival.cotopaxi.com/

    2. The North Face Endurance Race (5K) trail race in Hunter Mountain NY in May (was going to do a 10K, but given that I’m still injured and it’s Jan I don’t want to pay for a 10K and 1 month later or 2 months later I’m *still* injured, which may be the case).

    3. 52 Hike Challenge – 52 weeks of hiking 1X/week (basically every week for a year). http://www.52hikechallenge.com/

    4. Kick ass in my Econ class


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