Friday Five: My Holiday Wish List 2015

Hi everyone!  It’s Friday, and I’m in a super festive mood because today we’re having our company holiday party – and I’m bringing pizza rolls as my potluck contribution.  #winning.  I’m also in a festive mood because today’s Friday Five Linkup with Cynthia, Courtney, and Mar is holiday wish list themed!  Honestly, if I could just get strong, non-injured hips for Christmas that would be great.  But since I can’t, I’m focusing on gifts that I could actually find wrapped under my tree.  I just finished making my official wish list this week, so I put my favorite things into this post.  If you’re looking for more things to add to your list feel free to steal some of mine!

holiday wish list

1. An Aeropress:  In case you missed this post, I’m totally obsessed with coffee.  But I’m not a fan of the crappy drip coffee that we have at our office, so I’m always out buying coffee in the afternoons.  My barista friend recommend that I add this to my list so that I can make perfect individual servings of coffee at the office whenever I want!

2.  A new yoga mat:  I’m totally digging this Gaiam one – it’s my favorite colors and the design is amazing!  My current one is definitely getting old, so I’d like to start the new year off with some updated gear.

3.  A fabulous new running shirt:  I’ve got a few on my list, but this one is probably my number one choice.  I’m pretty darn okay honestly  🙂  And this one is the most true shirt I’ve ever seen.

4.  Running reading material:  My husband always hooks me up with some good running reading material – he once got me a subscription to Runner’s World that I still maintain, and he also got me the Runner’s World Cookbook!  Here’s another Runner’s World creation that I’m dying to read – The Runner’s Brain:  How to Think Smarter to Run Better.  I’m currently working on physical strength to get back to running, but I’m going to need some help with my mental strength too.  I WILL get a half marathon PR soon, and hopefully this book can get me there!

5.  Some positive jewelry:  I’m a huge Thoreau fan (I’m still geeking out over the time I went to Walden Pond!) so I am all over this bracelet.  I’m also hoping for a bracelet from Momentum Jewelry because it’s positivity that you can wear while working out.  It might seem silly, but seeing a positive message whenever I look down at my wrist will totally boost my mood!

Bonus item:  I’m clearly failing at my gratitude journaling, but maybe I would be doing better if I had this?  I have a weird thing about leaving pages blank in a planner/journal, so I can see myself sticking to this each day.  And in the Alaskan winter, I need to take some time each day to focus on the positive!

What’s on your gift list?  Anything you think I should add to mine?

34 thoughts on “Friday Five: My Holiday Wish List 2015

  1. I am asking for running books too! Mine are of the research basis, but I’ve heard great things about Runner’s Brain. i might have to check it out 😀

    1. Oh good! I know my body is a hot mess right now, but I really need to train my brain too. I’ll never forget how much my brain affected me during the Her Tern Half this summer!

  2. i love that gratitude journal; i may have to steal it for my own list 🙂 i’ve been reading tons of research lately about what taking time out of your day to focus on positives can do for your cognition, and now it’s something i want to add to my day.

    1. I felt silly putting a bonus one on here but I thought it was so cool! I’m currently doing it inside my brain at the end of the day when I do a few minutes of yoga, but I’d love to be able to write it down so I can look back on it on tough days and see all the ways I’m grateful. I’m trying to be more positive with my thoughts and I think that a journal could really help with that!

  3. On my gift list is one item, I shouldn´t demand from father christmas:
    Garmin Forerunner 910XT GPS Multisport Watch
    I want to try a 20k run tomorrow and this watch would really help to see, how far I really went!

  4. Oh gosh, I really should think, befor I hit “enter”…
    … I want to do a 20k run tomorrow and the GPS watch would help a lot. That way I would know how far I really run!

    1. I’m a huge reader but I’m usually looking for fiction books for my bookshelf. But I think adding a few more running books on there might be a great idea!

  5. I love that bracelet! I like running jewelry too! The first year I raced, I wore a “good luck” pandora charm bracelet, but then I got too many charms to run comfortably with it, so for my next year, I got myself a “good luck” ring. 😀

  6. A new running shirt ? Yes please ! I know I have some running gear under the tree because I picked it out and I am too excited ! Underarmor and Athleta here I come !

  7. Great list. I’ve been looking into french presses and the like for coffee recently too. I had a coworker that was big into the “fancy” ways as I’ll call it, but he left the company and then fell off the face of the earth so back to square one. Our Keurig died recently, which I acknowledge isn’t the best coffee but damn convenient but its time to upgrade some.

    1. OMG if I had the money for a personal Keurig at work I’d be all over that. I love my Keurig at home, and it’s definitely not the yummiest coffee – but it’s so easy! People swear that the Aeropress will be easy and yummy so I’m looking forward to trying it out! I’ll let you know how it goes if I get one.

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