Holiday Weekend Recap and Some December Goals

Hi everyone!  I’m going to just assume right now that everyone had a weekend full of lots of yummy food and fun times spent with friends and family.  I definitely did!

running thanksgivingThe real reason Turkey Trot races were invented.

On Thanksgiving, I woke up early and began baking a pumpkin cheesecake for my friendsgiving later that day while my husband started the turkey in the crockpot (if you’ve never made one that way, you need to try it!  It’s so easy and delicious and it frees up your oven!).  Once it was in the oven, I headed over to my favorite yoga studio to meet up with my coworkers for a special donation-based gratitude class.  It was a pretty good workout but it definitely didn’t compare to doing a Turkey Trot.  I was so jealous of everyone on Instagram posting race pictures.  #injuredrunnerproblems right there.  Our friendsgiving dinner happened later that day, and it was fabulous!  My friend made mac and cheese and I’m pretty sure I ate an entire plate of it.  It’s been months since I ate mac and cheese so I had no regrets!

IMG_7348This is what true love looks like  ❤

After dinner, we headed downtown for some drinks and s’mores at a new bar.  It was such a fun night, and I got to know a few new people that I’m excited to hang out with more!  I want to note that even though I was homesick a few times throughout the day, I didn’t get upset or sad at all which was a huge change from last year’s Thanksgiving.  Win!


Since we all know that Thanksgiving marks the beginning of the holiday season, I spent the rest of my weekend being as festive as possible!  On Friday we went downtown for the tree lighting ceremony in Town Square Park.


After checking out the lights, we went to the opening night of the Nutcracker ballet.  Afterwards, a huge group of us went out to a speakeasy!  There’s a regular bar downstairs, and they have a phone booth in the corner where you can call upstairs to get the secret password to the speakeasy.  If they have enough room for you, they’ll give you the password.  They’ve got a little window on the door that they slide open, and if you know the password they’ll let you in.  I never go out, but it was a lot of fun to take advantage of our long weekend!

IMG_7360Watching the ballet from the cheap seats!

On Saturday, we had friends over for a board game night so it was perfect timing for putting up our tree and decorating the apartment for Christmas and Hanukkah!


IMG_7364Clearly my favorite ornament

IMG_7381Last year’s silly Hanukkah present from my sister in law!  My husband’s hebrew name means “strong bear” so it’s perfect.

What I didn’t do this weekend:  go shopping on Black Friday, #optoutside with REI (it was too warm and icy), stick with my sugar-free eating habits, or workout.  Whoops.  I had the best intentions to go to the gym, but I definitely wasn’t feeling up to it after all my late nights and sugary meals.  I’m actually looking forward to hitting the gym and getting back to my sugar-free lifestyle today!  I just feel so much better without sugar.

On that note, for December I want to set a few goals to keep me feeling as happy and healthy as possible.  It’s been a while since I’ve done monthly goals, but this month I’m feeling it!  In December:

  • I’m going sugar free again!  Well, sort of.  A few of my fellow SPAs are joining me and we’re going to be keeping ourselves motivated through what would otherwise be a month of Christmas cookie binges.  Although I’m going to be doing the Paleo version of sugar-free – so honey, maple syrup, and coconut sugar is okay.  I’m doing this so that I can try out other forms of sugar and officially stay away from refined sugars in the future.  Plus I know I’ll be making a few Christmas cookies and I’ll want to make sure they are delicious and sweet!  I’m not sticking to this as closely as I did with the WLC – I plan on making sure to enjoy the big moments without any guilt, like my husband’s birthday cake and my dad’s amazing chocolate chip Christmas cookies.
  • Every year I try to do something festive each day from December 1-25, but I haven’t been able to do it yet.  This year I’ve already started making a list of fun activities that celebrate Christmas and Hanukkah!  My goal is to do at least one thing each day to boost my holiday spirit and celebrate my favorite time of year.  Every Monday I’ll blog about what I did the week before in case you’re looking for fun ideas!  And check me out on Instagram where I’ll be posting daily pictures with the hashtag #25daysofholidayspirit.  Feel free to join me with your own daily activities and use the hashtag so I can check it out!
  • One other thing I’m planning to do in December is to keep a daily gratitude journal.  Part of my current pre-bedtime ritual is to do some stretching and a bit of meditation where I take the time to thank my body for what it accomplished that day.  In December I also hope to write down three things I’m grateful for each day before I go to bed.  I’m hoping to bring my focus inward during this busy time of year.
  • This one could be a long shot, but here it goes:  my goal is to run at least 10 miles in the month of December.  I’m used to doing more than that in one week, but with my current running ban I’m down to zero.  I’m hoping that my PT will clear me to run soon and that I can do a few miles before the year is over!
  • And to balance out the low running milage, I’d like to do 100 miles in spin class.  I’ve been going 3 times a week so this shouldn’t be a problem at all!

I’m so excited that we’re going into the most fun month of the year, but it’s so crazy that we’ve got only one month left in 2015!  How are you going to make the most of it?

How did you celebrate Thanksgiving weekend?  Is your tree already up?  What are your goals for December?

27 thoughts on “Holiday Weekend Recap and Some December Goals

  1. That pizza ornament is super cute. I think I am going to be setting up some December goals as well. Between a small injury and recovering from my first marathon, November was kind of sketchy. Some weeks I did great, other weeks, not so much. I like your idea about ending 2015 on a strong note.

    1. Thanks! I got it at Target along with a soft pretzel one 🙂 And as a fellow injured runner I totally hear you on having a sketchy November.

  2. Love the bear menorah! You have such great ideas, too.

    Our Thanksgiving went well, I didn’t shop on Friday but I sure made up for that online over the weekend (without ever setting foot in a brick & mortar store).

    Just beware: sugar is sugar. I basically don’t use regular sugar anymore, and even use coconut sugar somewhat sparingly, but they’re still all sweet & will still mess with you.

    But I have no intentions of going sugar (even Paleo-ok sugar) free anytime soon.

    1. Nice job on the online shopping! And I definitely hear you on the sugar stuff. I just know that if I cut out all sweet stuff again my cookies will taste terrible and no one will want to eat them but me. I’m up for trying new things though so we’ll see how this goes!

      1. I made several healthy desserts for Thanksgiving. No one but me liked them, because of course my family is all about fat & sugar. Their loss — I thought they were really good!

        I do make some simple sugar free cookies just for me on a regular basis, because sometimes you just need a cookie!

  3. Every year since I have children, I put up the Christmas tree late in the evening on the 23rd! I love seeing my children’s faces in the morning, pretending the elves brought the tree to us.
    No goals for December… I am getting better (thanks antibiotics) but therefor I am suffering from shin splints and have to rest another week (hopefully not more) before I can keep on training for my marathon…

    1. That tree thing is such a cool idea! Although I’m so crazy about Christmas that I don’t think I could resist doing it for that long. And good luck with the rest and recovery!

    1. So true! We almost never do anything for Hanukkah but this year I told my husband that I’m going to make sure we celebrate his holiday too! He always says it’s not a high holiday anyways so it’s not that big of a deal, but hopefully we can do some fun stuff!

  4. i hope you get the okay to run soon! but i sounds like you have tons of awesome other goals set for december. my rule is that christmas begins after thanksgiving, so all of our decorations went up on saturday, including a little table-top tree we got. i wish we had room for a big tree so i could get fun ornaments like your pizza slice!

    1. That is clearly the best day to put up the tree because I swear every blogger on Instagram did it that day too! Great minds think alike 🙂 And I got the pizza slice at Target if you want to check it out!

  5. That meme, those s’mores…. that ornament… I can’t deal. Seriously. NEED. I think Alex and i might try to go to the Nutcracker this year! We (I) discussed it last year, but obviously that didn’t happen. Then last night, when we were at Roman Holiday, a preview came on for the ballet, and HE said that going would be fun!

    1. Haha I’m so glad you and I have the same stance on food! And you should totally go to the Nutcraker! My husband is the one who suggested it too and I also almost fell out of my seat when he said it. He was so annoyed that I was so shocked but I seriously did not see that coming!

    1. Thanks! Every week I go there thinking he’ll let me do a few miles to test it out, and every week he tells me he wants to wait until my hips get stronger before I start up again. I’m so bad at being patient at this point but all I can do is act calm and maybe he won’t notice that I’m dying to run even just one mile!

  6. Friends-giving is the best! We had a small and non-family oriented Thanksgiving as well and it was fun! I love that you went to see the Nutcracker! I am hoping to get into center city to see ours soon too. I think I want to adopt your idea of doing one festive thing each day in the month of December! I love being festive and celebrating the holidays.

    1. You should do it with me! I want to see tons of holiday pictures all over my instagram feed 🙂 And I hope you get to see the Nutcracker, it’s so much fun!

  7. Those s’mores look so good! We decided not to do a tree this year – it’s just such a mess in an apartment and we won’t even be in town for Christmas. Plus, we’re always worried that Charlie will make a potty on the tree! I hope your PT clears you for running and you can hit your goals!

    1. To be honest, I won’t be in town for Christmas either! But I can’t go all month without a tree so I had to do it! I have a fake one though, I don’t think I’d have put one up if I needed to buy a real tree!

    1. OMG none of that is weird, it sounds amazing! I’m crazy and like to mix everything on my plate. It all tastes so good together! Plus you can’t go wrong when mac and cheese is mixed with anything 🙂

  8. It looks like you had a great Thanks Giving! Congrats on going sugar free. I struggle with this, so I’m going to try to eat better, and lots less sugar in December, expect maybe on the actual Christmas meals.

  9. Our goals are so similar! I need to cut back on sugar too. Out office chocolate stash and bins of animal crackers mock me most days Haha. I love the daily festive activity idea!

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