Friday Five: My Five Favorite Ways to Drink Coffee

Hi everyone!  It’s Friday, which means it’s time for another Friday Five with Mar, Cynthia, and Courtney!  Their topic this week is “Five favorite cool weather drinks”.  Since it’s already perpetually dark and cold here in Alaska, there’s really only one answer to this prompt:  coffee!  I’m a morning AND afternoon coffee lover.  So I decided to dedicate my entire post to the greatest beverage of all time!  What are my favorite ways to drink coffee?


1. Black.  During the Whole Life Challenge I learned to like my coffee totally black – but it has to be the really good stuff.  It works really well on cold, dark days when you need energy fast.  My favorite black coffee is from Kaladi Brothers, which is a local coffee place here in Alaska.

2.  And on the total opposite end of the spectrum, I’m obsessed with PSLs!  The sugar content is crazy but they will always be my favorite.  #basicgirlforlife


3.  Flat white.  I’m not going to lie, Starbucks helped me discover this type of coffee and it’s sooooo good.  Espresso shots mixed with the creamiest milk and foam ever?  I don’t even add sugar and it’s perfection.

4.  Iced.  All of my coworkers think I’m insane, but this is my favorite way to drink coffee year round.  Anyone else with me?

5.  Wawa’s hazelnut coffee.  I miss this so much.  I can’t wait until the end of December when I can drink this every day while I’m in Philly!


How many times a day do you drink coffee?  What’s your favorite way to drink coffee?  I’m all about trying out new things, especially when coffee is involved!

25 thoughts on “Friday Five: My Five Favorite Ways to Drink Coffee

  1. I love my coffee in the morning. I don’t think I could ever drink it black though. I like the coffee mate flavored creamers in mine.

    1. I’m surprised I like it so much! I’m a huge fan of sweet coffee but when I couldn’t eat sugar I was really happy to know that it still tastes pretty good without anything added. It does have to be the high quality stuff though.

  2. I love iced coffee too! Had some this morning, in fact! I don’t know why, it just tastes better iced! And I truly wish we had Wawa near me. I love all of their delightful coffee add-ins.

    1. I wish I had a Wawa near me too 😦 I used to go there almost every day and now I’m so bummed I only get it once a year. And I’m so glad to find another iced coffee fan!

    1. Haha I like my coffee to sit for a while! I feel like I burn my tongue so easily so I wait like 10 minutes before I drink it.

    1. Hey, that’s all good! I’m actually starting to really like tea too. But I swear there’s nothing like the smell and taste of coffee to make me instantly feel better!

  3. COFFEE!!! LOVE! I usually only drink it in the morning because I refuse to be addicted to an afternoon cup, BUT I do occasionally drink a decaf in the afternoon or evening if I’m really craving it. I also love black coffee…mostly because my first boss randomly stopped buying cream and sugar and I had no choice – black coffee or no coffee, so I got used to black coffee! hahaha I LOVE coffee with some hot chocolate powder mixed in! It’s great for when you’re craving chocolate and coffee!

    1. Yeah, my twice a day thing gets really rough in the winter. But it’s so necessary here. And now I’m totally tempted to try the hot chocolate thing!

  4. I just can’t drink black coffee. I need flavor in my coffee. Like Cinnamon Dolce. Oh, and some Truvia!
    Yes, iced coffee is better than hot (unless it’s really cold outside). It’s my favorite way to drink it normally.

    1. Ooooh I love cinnamon in my coffee! And I’m so happy other people like iced coffee too! Everyone in my office thinks I’m crazy so I’m excited that there are other iced coffee lovers out there.

  5. Love, love, love coffee. It’s my only vice. My Keurig machine was the best gift ever! I drink two mugs in the morning and then usually another mid afternoon. I just didn’t like the Flat White at Starbucks. I do love an iced White Chocolate Mocha with half the syrup. I call it The Ho.

    1. Haha I love it! And yeah, my Keurig was definitely my favorite wedding present. I don’t know how I lived without it!

  6. Believe it or not, I don’t drink coffee – or tea. I’ve never acquired a taste for either. Now the cookies that go with the coffee or tea…..yum!

    1. It’s definitely an acquired taste, but once you start liking it you’re addicted! It’s probably for the best that you never got into it because now I definitely rely on it for an extra boost.

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