Friday Five: Five Things to Do This Halloween Weekend

Hi everyone!  Happy almost Halloween!  As a fan of fall and pumpkin flavored anything, I’m excited that fall’s biggest holiday is finally here.  Today’s Friday Five Linkup with Mar, Courtney, and Cynthia is a “free Friday”, so I’ve decided to write about five things to do this Halloween weekend:

Friday Five Halloween

1. Carve pumpkins:  This is hands down my favorite Halloween activity!  I love getting together with friends to carve pumpkins.  We had a pumpkin party a few weeks ago and had a blast carving pumpkins.  I always stick with a typical Jack O’Lantern face!  Insider tip: always make sure to get one of those cheap carving sets from Target.  It makes such a difference!




2. Roast pumpkin seeds:  Once you’re done scooping out the insides, make sure to save all the seeds for snacking!  My favorite way to bake them is just with olive oil and salt.  This year we also tried some with butter and others with brown sugar (which I sadly couldn’t eat).  There’s tons of recipes out there if you want to get fancy!


3. Make a healthy pumpkin treat:  Usually this is the day where I go all out with the PSLs and pumpkin cookies.  This year, I’m eating gluten free and sugar free so that’s not really an option for me.  So I’ve been searching all over Pinterest for the perfect recipe that’s still sweet and flavorful (because news flash: pumpkin is not sweet at all on its own).  I think I found it with these pumpkin muffins!  I made some for work tomorrow and I’m hoping people like them.  Another insider tip:  go hard on the cinnamon!

IMG_6601Or you can just get a PSL.  I’ll just be sitting over here being jealous.

4. Run in a costume:  This year Halloween falls on a Saturday, which means that Halloween races will actually be held on Halloween!  Me and a group of my coworkers are running the Skinny Raven Frightening 4k on Saturday and I’m so excited about dressing up for the race.  it’s going to be in the 20s for the first time all season, so we decided to go with “80s workout Barbie” as our costume inspiration.  We get to wear baggy sweatshirts, leg warmers, and a sweat band over our ears.  It’s a pretty sneaky way to stay warm!  Also, purchasing all of my ridiculously bright running clothes has now been justified.

20140219-204649.jpgDoes anyone know what I was dressing up as here?  Bonus points if you remember what race I wore this costume in!

5. Go for a hike:  Our leaves are basically almost gone, but if you’re in an area where the leaves are changing you need to go out there RIGHT NOW!  Go find a hike through the woods where you can be surrounded by color.  It’s the best time of year for hiking!

IMG_6685Don’t forget to look up!

What are your halloween plans?  If you’re running in a race this weekend, what are you dressing up as?

21 thoughts on “Friday Five: Five Things to Do This Halloween Weekend

  1. Our pumpkins are still sitting here uncarved. My kids are so busy these days I may end up carving them myself. I’ll be shuttling kids to sleepovers, parties and to trick or treat this year! Enjoy!

  2. I wish I was running a Halloween race this weekend! We are carving pumpkins, swimming lessons, indoor soccer and getting our fill of sugar…oh I mean candy. I’m hoping for a nice run outside!

  3. Fun list. We carved a giant pumpkin this weekend. My 4 year old got to draw it and I cut it out for her. She loved it. I wish I had a race to run this weekend in a costume. It’s always so much fun. Maybe next year. And I’m going to go with thats a top for Ariel.

    1. That sounds like an awesome pumpkin! And yes, it’s Ariel! I wore that during the Disney Princess Half and even put a “dinglehopper” in my hair 🙂

  4. no races for me! just an early morning run before we head out to the last farmer’s market of the year and go see a scary movie. but i totally recognize that costume because i JUST read your princess recap last night (i’m thinking of doing it in 2017). have fun this weekend!

    1. OMG DO IT! It’s a super hot and crowded race but dressing up and running down Main Street make it totally worth it. I have a post about preparing for the race too with lots of tips from other bloggers!

  5. I am doing my first dress-up run this Saturday morning! I’m going to be a “run-away hospital patient” and I have a hospital gown and a fake butt sticking out the back. It should be a great one for a race! Fake butts are the best on Halloween 😀

  6. Because I’m exhausted & don’t have kids other than the furkids, my plans are pretty much to relax. And I’m thinking maybe some retail therapy, too. I have a short window in the mornings when I can get out . . .

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