Racing Through The Rest of 2015

Hi everyone!  This week I’ve been busy doing my favorite thing ever:  signing up for races.  You all know what I mean, right?  You get the excitement of looking for fun races and can do it all without even having to put on your running shoes  🙂  In fact, I wrote a post about it last summer and it definitely still rings true today (also, how cute is it that I was trying to decided if I should do Zion in that post?  That was the best race trip ever!).

RunAllTheRacesSeriously, this will never change.

Anyways, I realized recently that I haven’t even shared the news of my next big run on here, even though I’ve been hinting about it in blog posts and all over Instagram!  A few weeks ago, I made a rash decision to get out of Alaska one last time before winter sets in.  I’d heard from a few of my coworkers that Hood River, OR is gorgeous in the fall, and then I found out that they had a half marathon there.  Gorgeous views, fall leaves, and a new state to check off my list?  It didn’t take me much time to decide to sign up, especially when I found the flight deal of a lifetime!  So in less than 3 weeks, I’ll be running the Columbia Gorge Half Marathon!  I’ve been training with my coworker who is also running the race with me for the last few weeks, and we had an awesome 9 miler last weekend.  I may not be speedy, but I feel like we’ll be ready for race day even though this is all happening last minute.  Today I booked our accommodations and did some research into stuff to do while we’re down there, and I’m getting really excited.  Most of my itinerary revolves around Chipotle and donuts.  And yes, I’m aware that I’m doing a whole eating challenge.  But it’s not like I can get Voodoo Donuts every day, you know?  If you have suggestions on things to do in Portland and in the Columbia Gorge, let me know!

cm half

As I was doing some research on my trip to Portland, I realized that there’s another big trip coming up – my trip home to Philly for Christmas!  I’m looking forward to hanging out with my family and in-laws the whole time, but I also need to do some running while I’m there.  And there’s no better way to get those miles done than in races, right?  I’ll be home for 2 weeks and I found the following races that I’m 99% likely to be running while I’m home:

  • Kris Kringle 5 miler – I’ve run this twice and loved it both times, and it’s right in my hometown.  The post-race food situation is crazy with all sorts of real food items like pizza and Godiva chocolate, and that alone is worth the race fee!
  • Peepsfest 5k – This race has been on my bucket list for years, but since it’s during the day on NYE it’s kind of hard to make it happen.  This year we don’t have any New Years plans yet, so I’m hoping I can finally run it!  The race is in Bethlehem which is where Peeps are made, so you get free Peeps at this race!
  • Surfin’ Snowman 5 miler – This race is in Bethany Beach, DE.  I’ve already crossed Delaware off my list but I know I’ll be down there shopping at the outlets anyways so I might as well get another race done!  Plus it’s a late afternoon race and you run on the boardwalk.  Can’t say no to that!

And between my trips to Portland and Philly I’ve got a few more races to run here in Anchorage as well!  I’m running both the Frightening 4k on Halloween and the Jingle Bell Run for Arthritis 5k with a group of my coworkers, and I’m also running the Turkey Trot because it’s not Thanksgiving without a 5k!  I really like that I have one big race in a few weeks and then a bunch of fun, short runs to finish out the rest of my year.  I want to make sure that I keep running fun in the winter, so I’m looking forward to a lot of costumes, fun routes, and new running buddies!

How do you choose which races you want to run?  What does your fall and winter race schedule look like?  Will you be running any of those races on the East Coast?  I’d love to run with some fellow bloggers while I’m back home!

20 thoughts on “Racing Through The Rest of 2015

  1. how fun! that area of oregon is beautiful! you’re going to love it. and all of your fun runs sound like a blast. i have no more runs on my schedule in 2015 just because i’m still kind of waiting for my ankle to heal, so i don’t want to commit to any races. i’m still crossing my fingers that i’ll be able to add a last minute turkey trot, but no guarantees.

    1. Everyone keeps saying how amazing the Columbia Gorge is, and I’m getting so excited! I just found a bunch of hiking trails that lead to gorgeous waterfalls and now I’m hoping I can get enough energy to do a few after the race! I hope you are able to run a few races too, especially a turkey trot. I feel like a lot of people walk those races because they’re so low key and a great excuse to get in some exercise before eating all that pie. Good luck on your recovery!

    1. I know right?! I saw the pictures of people running on fallen leaves and I knew I had to do it. It’s all happening really quickly but luckily Portland is a relatively quick trip from here!

  2. That’s awesome you’re doing the Columbia Gorge race!! What a great fall surprise! Your pictures are going to be epic. ahh I really want to run the Kris Kringle with ya!!! Can’t wait!

    1. Yesss!!!!! Let’s do it! I actually thought about you as I was writing this because I knew you’d be down for a race in Reading. We should definitely make this happen!

  3. Hooray for running all the races! I’d love to make a trip out to Oregon or Portland for a race one of these days- looks gorgeous out there! Can’t wait to read all about it! 🙂

  4. Holy cow, looks like you have a ton of races ahead this fall and winter! I’ve only got a couple more planned, because my budget is about done for the year.

    1. I have no idea how it happened! But I guess this is the time of year when the best races happen, you know? I can’t turn down the chance to run with friends or run races back on the east coast!

  5. I have my half this weekend, a 5k at in December (fun run) & a few more I’m considering between now & then. We travel on Thanksgiving so I never get to do a turkey trot.

    But I don’t like too many races. About one or two a month is enough for me!

    1. Good luck on the half! I’m usually with you on limiting races, but around the holidays I tend to sign up for way more than usual. There are just too many fun races out there!

  6. Those all sound like fun races! I’m getting addicted to races but I limit how many I do a year because I find it gets pricey! I haven’t done a racecation yet, but it sure would be fun! You’ve inspired me to look into a winter race just to keep me active throughout the winter.

    1. I totally hear you on the money! But it’s hard when I have a lot of friends running a race because I’ll want to do it too. Plus I love race swag so sometimes the race fees are worth it!

  7. A couple races I had planned for October fell through, so I’ve been scouring the internet for more options that won’t break the bank! Either way I’ve got a 10K this weekend, maybe a Hot Cider 15k (because how fall is that?!) and a Turkey Trot next month! Good luck on your half! I bet it’s going to be a beautiful race!

    1. Oh no, hopefully you can find a race to make up for that race! Have you checked Running In The USA? It’s pretty awesome for finding races (but has almost no races in Anchorage so it’s clearly not all inclusive). That Hot Cider 5k sounds awesome!

  8. I’m running the Columbia Gorge Half too!!! I am so excited to see all the fall colors! Maybe we will run into each other 🙂

    For some site-seeing Multnomah Falls is beautiful and really easy to access from the highway. I’ve heard great things about Oneonta Gorge if you have more time for a hike.
    Ps. Blue Star donuts is the bomb if you are looking for a yummy treat!

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