Cheers to 28 Years!

Hi everyone!  You may have figured this out from Facebook or Instagram, but yesterday was my birthday!  I turned 28, and actually had a really fun day filled with:

-Running!  I woke up and ran 2.8 miles along the coastal trail in honor of my 28 years.  Someday I’ll actually run my age amount on my birthday…but that might be too hard honestly!


-Food!  I came into work to discover an amazing surprise: donuts and food themed running presents!  My coworkers know me so well  🙂


We had the best pizza in Anchorage for lunch, and then I went out with some friends for dinner and finished off with mini cheesecake birthday cakes.  It was a perfect food day!


-Hiking!  After dinner I felt like I was going to have to be rolled out to the car in a food coma, so we decided to hike in Kincaid Park for a while.  My birthday goal was to see a moose and I did!  I also climbed a tree.  I actually think I turned 8 years old today.


-Relaxing!  I started the day with post-run yoga, and ended the day with an epsom salt bath.  It was such a stress-free day and I loved it!

Overall, it was one of my favorite birthdays ever!  I think what made it special is that I filled it with my favorite things and people without getting too crazy about it.  It was just an extra special version of a day in my new life in Anchorage.  It was perfect!

IMG_5789Any day with donuts is a perfect day!

Now is the time when lots of bloggers give life lessons that they’ve learned over the years or whatever, but I’m not all about that.  I feel like I’m still trying to figure so much out!  But I will say that my 27th year was all about learning how to truly let go.  This time last year I was living in a tiny dorm room with Andrew in Seward, worried about finding a job and a place to live in Anchorage.  I was probably more unsettled than I’ve ever been in my entire life, and I didn’t know how to deal with it.  Today I’ve got a cute little apartment, an education job at one of the biggest nonprofits in the country, and a pretty solid group of friends and running buddies!  I am in love with Anchorage and I’m so glad I was able to let go over the last year and learn to trust that things would work out.  For once in my life I feel settled and confident that I’m in the right place, but also really open to all the experiences that life wants to throw my way.  I’m excited to see what year #28 will bring!

What was your favorite birthday?  Would you rather eat regular cake or cheesecake?

21 thoughts on “Cheers to 28 Years!

  1. Happy birthday! Thanks for being honest about feeling like you’re still trying to figure things out. You seem pretty together so it’s reassuring that you still feel that way too!

  2. Don’t wait to long to run those birthday miles 😉 Hahahaha!
    HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!! I hope it really was a perfect day! June birthdays will always be the best and you just made the cut off 😉 ***virtual high-five***

    1. Yay for June birthdays! And yeah, I should probably run my birthday miles next year if I can before things start to get crazy! 🙂

  3. Happy Birthday! Sounds like it was a great day! I like cheesecake as long as its the real deal and yummy. I have been working on letting go and trying to just figure things out and let things just happen. Its hard but well worth it (or so I have been told). Glad you are enjoying Alaska looks like a beautiful state.

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