Some Midweek Awesomeness

Hi everyone!  I feel like I’ve got a bunch of things going on lately that are too small for an entire post, so here’s my list of some awesomeness that has been happening this week:

  • On Tuesday night my GOTR coach and I hit up the local running store for their monthly summer running challenge called the “Urban Challenge Run”.  We had 1 hour to run around hitting up all of the checkpoints for raffle tickets, and at 7:00 they pulled our tickets to win tons of prizes.  Despite not winning anything, I had a blast running around downtown Anchorage and getting to know tons of different new businesses.  I also loved seeing the other 700 runners who attended the event running all over town.  There were so many people there that they even had to shut the road down in front of the store to make room for everyone!  It’s cool to see how many people here love running!

IMG_5120The course map which they revealed at 6 pm

IMG_5121We hit up 11 out of 13 businesses and got an extra ticket for signing in!

  • I started a few mini fitness challenges this week.  I started a squat challenge (10 squats on Monday and I’ll be adding 5 squats a day until I reach 100!) and the #LoveYourHips Challenge with Lora Hogan and Brittany Suell!  Both challenges only take about a minute or two of my time, so I’m excited to do some little things that will hopefully give me good results with running and hiking.  I need to get stronger and stretchier for sure!

IMG_5125Yep, totally doing yoga at work.  Ballet flats complicate things!

  • I’ve been chosen as a RunGo Ambassador!  I’m so excited to be part of the group, and really pumped to be the only person in Anchorage using the app so far.  If you love finding new places to run but hate getting lost, this is the app for you!  You can search other runners’ routes and get turn-by-turn directions so you never get lost.


  • Getting to act like a little kid.  My GOTR coach is really into yoga and inversions, and she taught me and some of the girls how to get up into a basic inversion after practice on Tuesday.  I was freaking out because I’ve never gone upside down before (literally can’t do cartwheels!) but I was so happy to finally be able to do it!  Me and the girls had way too many silly moments trying to get upside down  🙂  We also spent most of the practice celebrating our recent 5k, which meant that the girls taught us some new games and showed us the best ways to use the playground equipment.  I wish I was in 5th grade again!

IMG_5115Next order of business: upper arm strength so I can do more of this!

Other awesome things worth noting:  the gorgeous warm weather, the end of school being next week (whaaaaaat!) which means tons of reflections and celebrations every class, and the fact that I get to be a chaperone for a geocaching field trip at one of my schools on Thursday!  Seriously, so much awesomeness.

What awesome things are going on in your life right now?  Have you ever tried an Urban Challenge Run, a fitness challenge, or inversions?

15 thoughts on “Some Midweek Awesomeness

  1. Some pretty great stuff you have going on lately! Something awesome happening to me is in less than a month, school will be over and I’ll be work free for the summer! I currently do several fitness challenges and use the 30 Day app to keep track. I’ve done lots of inversions – I am an ashtanga teacher – and my favorite is pincha mayurasana (forearm balance) and I like to try to do karandavasana (look it up, it’s so fun!) but I can only do the part where you lower down and can’t imagine being able to lift back up! Sooooooo fun!

    1. Yay for no work over the summer! School is over for me next week but I still have to work. Haha I will have to look up all of these inversions!

  2. We are so happy to have you joining us!! I don’t know RunGo–will have to check it out now! Thanks for introducing me! 🙂

    1. Thanks! It’s so much fun! Although being in Alaska, I have to figure out how to post my pictures early enough for everyone to check them out before they go to bed, even though I work out later in the day 🙂 There will probably be so many selfies at work!

  3. Wow, sounds like an awesome week! I have always loved inversions, especially doing headstands and handstands as a kid, but don’t do them often at all.

    1. That’s awesome! I never did this kind of stuff as a kid and now I regret it because I can’t even do a simple cartwheel! Thank goodness I get to work with kids and we can learn this stuff together 🙂

    1. Thanks! Yeah we are trying to get the girls into doing yoga with us while we’re waiting for their parents to pick them up. It’s so cute! We got through a sun salutation with this one girl and we asked her if she liked it. She said yes but that we had to “stop making up all the silly names”! 😛

  4. I’ve never done inversions. Looks and sounds really cool though.! I’ve can’t do a cartwheel also, so I’d be pretty excited. lol
    Urban challenge sounds fun.!

    1. Oh man! I thought I was the only one! I guess technically downward facing dog is considered an inversion, so I feel like we should start there and then learn how to go upside down more!

    1. Me too! People can track their runs and then if they want to do them again they can get turn-by-turn directions. They can also search new routes that other people tracked and get directions on those routes too! I love it because I’m always afraid of getting lost and this app won’t let that happen!

    1. You should see if you have a local running store that does something like this! I know Road Runner Sports does one, but we don’t have one of those up here. And you should totally try going upside down! I found out that downward facing dog is considered an inversion because your head is going upside down, so if you’ve ever done that then you’ve done an inversion.

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