Getting Ready For Summer #2 in Alaska

Hi everyone!  Exciting news over here:  after a mild and pretty snow-free winter, we are launching right into summer up here in Alaska!  Yeah, we’re a bit behind the Lower 48, but that’s fine by me!  Some things I noticed on my Monday run:

1.  The leaves are blooming!  Look at the new green stuff!


2.  The inlet and the lagoon are totally melted, and the sound of the waves hitting the shore is so relaxing mid-run!


3.  Notice anything about my arms?  Yeah, they’re bare!  #tanktopweather!  (for reference, it was 60 degrees)


I’m the kind of person who hates hot weather, so when I lived in Philly I hated the summer.  High temps and humidity?  No thanks.  Summer is supposed to be about long sunny days and doing fun things with your friends, but I used to spend my summers indoors with my AC wishing it would just be fall already.  But not here in Alaska!  I really enjoyed my summer in Alaska last year, and I’m looking forward to a repeat this year!  Why are Alaskan summers the best?

  • No humidity
  • Temps rarely go above 80
  • We don’t need AC!  Yay for low electric bills!
  • The midnight sun!  On the solstice it gets dusky for a few hours, but overall you can run and hike and do normal outside stuff at midnight (well, not in my neighborhood.  But whatever).  And that lasts for a few weeks before/after solstice too.  Today’s sunset was around 10:15 (twilight lasts about an hour after that) and the days will keep getting longer until the summer solstice.  Note:  this does initially throw me off when trying to sleep, but blackout curtains work magic!  You’d be amazed what your body can adjust to.
  • There are tons of hiking trails within 15 minutes of our apartment.  With an extra 15 minutes we can really get out into Chugach State Park and into the mountains.  And if you’re not feeling like a hike, there’s so many other things to do in nearby parks: kayaking, paddle boarding, fishing, biking, disc golf, sailing…the list goes on.
  • The roads are clear and the sun stays out late, so driving to nearby towns is easier than any other time of the year.  We’re planning a few road trips to Seward as well as trips to Girdwood, Homer, Talkeetna, Denali National Park, and to a new location for our anniversary – Valdez!
  • Chill Alaska summer activities include cookouts and bonfires on the beach and last year we had a permanent stash of s’mores supplies and summer beers.
  • The wildlife gets pretty crazy.  Want to see salmon, a bear, or an eagle?  You probably will during the summer – even doing normal stuff like going for a quick run!
  • Oh and the best part:  our summer temps are the ideal running weather!  If you’re looking for a summer race, this is the place to be!

I’m so excited for the summer to get here so that I can spend 99.9% of my time outdoors enjoying the last frontier!  People may have a lot to say about our winters, but you all have nothing on our summers  🙂

20140622-194847.jpgMidnight at the beach on last year’s solstice!

Are you excited for summer?  What are your favorite summer activities?

21 thoughts on “Getting Ready For Summer #2 in Alaska

  1. Can’t wait for summer…it’s my absolute favorite! Hiking, biking, the beach, surfing, beach volleyball and basically anything outdoors. Oh, and I can’t forget grilling and summer night bonfires 🙂

  2. Yay summer!! My favorite summer activity is probably going to the lake. Nothing beats a long, hot run followed by jumping in the lake. Also lounging on the boat in the sunshine.

    I can’t wait to visit Alaska one day. My cousin lives out there and the photos she posts on Facebook are so pretty.

    1. That sounds amazing! After running in Seward I used to dream about jumping in the bay, but the water is really cold so I always chickened out! You should definitely come visit, it’s amazing here in the summer!

  3. Lovely It was hot and humid here yesterday. I am NOT ready for that. I’d like a few days of spring weather before summer please!

    1. Haha I hear you, this is exactly why we moved! The west coast’s lack of humidity means I’ll probably never move back east!

  4. See, wearing a sweatshirt and boots in the summer does not compute with me. 😉

    I love hot weather, although it makes for challenging runs. I generally take it easier and don’t train for anything, just run a few days a week, not more than 5-6 miles. You’ve gotta be a warm-weather person where I live!

    1. Haha I knew someone was going to say that! But it’s windy by the ocean so I spent most of my summer nights in a hoodie. Plus, the mosquitos are large and terrifying here so hoodies give your arms extra protection 🙂 I wish I liked hot weather more, but it makes me really dizzy and I pass out easily when it’s hot. I used to pass out at work sometimes in Philly (I had to work outside) and it was always so embarrassing!

  5. You are not too far behind us lower 48 people – our leaves are JUST starting to bloom in PA! I’m super jealous of your amazing Alaskan summer. I can’t wait to get back there someday!

    1. Haha good to know! I swear my mom was telling me that the grass was turning green a month ago. As you can see above, ours is still yellow and dead. I think she’s just trying to trick me into moving back!

  6. I really want to visit Alaska–it just sounds beautiful. My favorite temp is 75 degrees FYI. (It’s already getting too hot in Florida! ICK!) And yay low electric bills!!

    1. Mine too! Well, when I’m running I like for it to be between 50-60. But for hanging out outside the 70s are perfect! Seriously, Florida weather is tough and I have to give you props for running in it!

  7. I think Boston must have taken all of your snow this winter!! Enjoy the nice temps. It is so wonderful to not run the heat or the AC. Nice to see the break in the utility bill! We’re having nice weather here in Iowa as well.

    1. Haha I think so too! We didn’t have any last year either. It’s crazy. I’m glad Iowa is starting to get summery too!

  8. Sounds like so much fun! I’m excited for summer, too! We’re hoping to move back to town and be closer to our friends, the lake, and the bike path 😀

    1. Ooooh that’s awesome! I love being near my favorite trails, it makes running so much easier!

    1. Ahhhh that sounds awful! I’ve been cringing while checking temps back home. My body just can’t handle that anymore!

    1. You should! FYI it took us 8 days to drive here from Philly, so it’s a pretty long drive! But it’s really pretty once you reach the Canadian Rockies.

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