Go For A Run.

Hi everyone!  Things have been a bit stressful over here in my neck of the woods this week.  Without giving away too many details, my job is involved in a pretty intense battle with the state of Alaska this week and it’s slowly but surely sucking the life out of me.  Last Wednesday when we heard about what was going on with my job I was worried but positive.  A week later, I’m stressed, overwhelmed, and just not myself.  On top of that, some kind of crazy spring fever is going around in all of my schools right now (including my GOTR girls) and it seems like no one wants to do anything except be silly and ignore the teacher.  AKA me.  Also, I’m STILL sick.  This is seriously not my week.  So what do I need to do to feel better?


If you’re wondering how many times I’ve run since work took a crazy stressful turn:  0

How many miles I was able to power through while being sick:  none

The number of minutes I spent outside running down the trails towards the mountains loving life:  nada

I mean, I’ve done 4 Pilates classes in the last week, but it’s not the same!  So as I pulled up to week #2 of practice with my new running team on Tuesday I was a hot mess and had a million worries and thoughts in my head.  While I did struggle like crazy to make it through the run due to my sinuses feeling like they were going to explode, I managed to log about 4 miles on the trails with some really great new running buddies!  I’m still not feeling 100% back to normal, but there’s nothing like a run outside to really start to get you back on track!


Other things that are making me feel like I can take on the struggles of life:

New headbands!  Because I’m a headband junky.  I need therapy.  And this company needs to stop making cute designs all the time and constantly having sales on etsy!


And new shoes!!!!  I can’t wait to take these out for a spin later this week.  I loved my Mizuno Wave Inspire 9s so much that I thought I’d give these snazzy pink 10s a try.  No shoes have fully been able to replace my old Mizunos!  Plus, these were $50 on 6pm.com with FREE SHIPPING TO ALASKA.  WHAT.  If you’ve never shopped on there before, you’re welcome.


Relaxing with some good reading material and of course COFFEE.  This is truly what gets me through each day.


But overall, I clearly need to get more running done this week so I can get some sort of control over my sanity again!  I feel like it’s just not a good week without at least 3 runs, you know?

How do you handle stress?  Do you go a little crazy when you stop running for a few days?

18 thoughts on “Go For A Run.

  1. I am guilty of letting stress get the best out of me many times, but thank god there is sport! Even though I was running less than normal before the surgery, I do use workout as a stress reliever and it works wonders.

    1. It’s so true! I have a lot of things stressing me out right now but I was still confused as to why I was constantly in a bad mood…until I remembered I haven’t run in a few days. That will do it!

  2. I’m sorry to hear work has been so stressful! I hate when work stress creeps into my life outside of working hours :/ Hopefully things swing your way soon!
    It’s amazing how much running helps when you’re stressed or sad. I remember a particularly rough night last year after I received some bad news- I spent entire night crying my eyes out & got only a few hours of sleep. But I got up & ran before work, and already felt a million times better before I sat down at work for the day 🙂
    Also, hooray for new shoes (love 6 pm.com)! Reading is also a huge de-stresser for me. I need to make more time for it in my life!

    1. Thank you! We should have an end to this situation by the beginning of next week I think, so hopefully things will go back to normal. You seriously make me want to go for a quick run before I teach my lesson today. And yes to reading! I try to read in bed for at least 30 minutes a few nights a week before I fall asleep because it actually helps me sleep better!

  3. I have those exact shoes! I wore them out during the fall and winter. My newest pair of Inspires I’m not as crazy about. So I’m still racing in those. I may have to buy another pair.

    1. Awesome!!! I’m always excited when I see people wearing them now. They also had them for $50 on Holabird Sports with free shipping in the Lower 48 in a bunch of colors, but the shipping was too much for me so I was lucky to find them on 6pm. If I like these I’m stocking up because finding a new shoe has been a nightmare!

    1. So true! I don’t know how it happens but I feel so much less stressed after a workout. In Pilates on Monday I went HARD because it was such a good distraction from everything in my head and it was such a good class! But nothing is like running 🙂

  4. Yay for hot pink Mizunos and free shipping to Alaska! Glad you were able to get in a run…it definitely makes all the difference in the world, I do agree. Hope work calms down soon!

    1. Thanks! Our crazy situation seems to have died down which means I should have a much less stressful week next week!

  5. I have a hard time managing stress. I tend to shut down and just pretend everything is fine and ignore everything I have to do until suddenly EVERYTHING IS REALLY NOT FINE HOLY CRAP and I freak out a bit. I’m glad you were able to get a run in, and I hope things calm down a bit for you!

    1. This is me too! That’s basically what happened this week. It was pretty crazy. They should be much calmer from here on out!

  6. I definitely work out or run when I’m stressed out. I basically feel like I’m running away from any problems for that half hour or hour (or longer), which is enough to help me refocus and tackle them when I get back. It works most of the time…

    1. I have a headband problem 😦 Seriously though, check out A Rose So Sweet on Etsy! She’s got a ton of patterns and it drives me nuts because I always want to order more. She let me try my first one for free in exchange for a review but I’ve spent my own money buying a ton more after that!

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