Running Favorites

Hi everyone!  I was tagged by my awesome running buddy from Utah, Irish Runner Chick, to answer some fun questions about running!  I love learning more about other runners so I was really excited to play along too.  If you read my blog at all I’m sure you know how I’m going to answer these, so let’s play a fun game.  Try to guess what I’m going to say, and let me know if I’m totally predictable!

1) Location: Trail, Road, or Indoors?

Trails!  But I love the paved kind of trails more than the rocky/root-covered kind because I’m a klutz.  I just love running in the woods with no distractions!

2) Time of Day: Morning, Noon, or Evening?

Evening!  I try morning running sometimes and I just don’t get it.  Why put yourself through early wake ups when you could just do it in the afternoon when you’re awake, already ate a few meals, and can watch the sun set?  Plus I can look forward to it at work all day!

3) Weather: Sunshine, Mild or Hot?

Mild for sure.  I don’t love sun in my eyes, or crazy hot temps.  I think my perfect running temperature is between 50-60 degrees so I can wear tank tops and capris and feel great!

4) Fuel: Before, After, and sometimes during?

A few hours before a run is perfect for me.  And sometimes during if I’m running for over 1.5 hours.  Jelly Belly Sport Beans are my favorite!

5) Accessories: Music, Watch & More?

I use my phone to track most of my runs (and because I like having it on me for safety) and that’s about it for accessories.  I can’t run with music and it’s really not safe for me to do that considering how many moose I see while running!

6) Rewards: Food, Wine, or …?

Um hello!  Food!  I love running between work and dinner so I can come home and eat right away.  It’s the best!  I hate drinking after a run but oh man, I will so eat some pizza!

7) Type of run: Long, tempo, intervals, hill repeats, progression, or recovery/easy?

I kind of like my easy days because I get to enjoy the feeling of running more on those days – I can relax, take in my surroundings and enjoy my afternoon.  But every once in a while I love to push it crazy hard to see how fast I can go!

IMG_4676Playing around on the Turnagain Arm trail this weekend – I may become a real trail runner soon!

I’m supposed to tag some people to do this next, but guess what?  I want to open this up to anyone who is reading this!  Share with me what your answers are to these questions.  Are you a night running, food loving, easy going run kind of person too?

8 thoughts on “Running Favorites

    1. That is so true about eating before! If I run on an empty stomach I want to pass out the whole time I’m running. I guess that’s a big part of why I hate morning runs – I don’t feel properly fueled!

    1. YES!!! What are people doing that makes morning running feel good? Mornings are my slow, coffee-drinking time. I’m not really awake until like 10:00 so morning running hurts!

  1. It took me years to become a morning runner but it’s the only way I can survive our Utah summers! Nice work on the trails – I can’t wait to get back out there and hopefully avoid all the moose.

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