What’s Next?

Hi everyone!  I hope you had a great weekend – mine was full of cookouts, northern lights, and hiking.  It’s still light out past 9:00 pm now so I’ve been staying up late to enjoy it.  I’m so happy I live in Alaska  🙂  I also spent some time this weekend really thinking about what’s next in my running life.  I feel like there were many times last year when I was burned out from race training, and right now all I want to do is train for something!  I came out of Zion feeling great and wanting to become stronger and speedier.  And that’s my goal for this year!

IMG_4298I want to have this feeling as many weekends as possible!

The great news is that earlier this year, I was contacted by the GM of Skinny Raven Sports about the 2015 Her Tern Half Marathon.  You may remember that I ran this race last year, and did not PR.  It was my first non-PR half marathon, and also my first one since moving from PA to AK.  My training did not go so well – I was stressed, homesick, and adjusting to super-small-town life in Seward and a new job.  It was rough.  I wasn’t sure if I’d ever run it again because my memories of the last mile are ones I don’t want to think about ever again.  But Skinny Raven thinks that with the help of their Her Tern Half training group I could finally get a sub-2:30 on this half marathon.  So they signed me up!  I’ll be running the 2015 race on July 19th, and I’ll also be running with the training group on Wednesday nights and Saturday mornings starting on April 29th.  I’m so excited to have this opportunity to PR with some extra help – and to finally enjoy the cupcakes at the finish line because I won’t want to puke!  Thanks Skinny Raven! hth2014sqaure-202x202 Once I had the main event of my summer running schedule planned, it was all about filling the rest of my summer with as many fun races as I could.  This is my plan so far: May:

  • Salmon Run 5k on May 2nd:  I think before I launch into half marathon training at the end of April I will try to focus on training for a speedy 5k.  My goal is to run this one under 30 minutes.  It’s been years since I did that!
  • Faster Than A Falcon 5k on May 9th:  I’ll be running this race as a running buddy with a girl from my Girls on the Run team and I’m so excited!  I’ll be running, walking, and skipping at her pace and doing whatever I can to help her cross the finish line, so no actual racing will happen here – just plain old running fun!


  • Twilight 12k or 6k on June 5th:  This race is a race held at twilight on a Friday night with Moose’s Tooth pizza at the finish!  I’m leaning towards the 12k option but either one will be an automatic PR for me since I’ve never run either distance before.
  • Mayor’s Midnight Sun Marathon Relay on June 20th:  My manager just organized a 4 person relay group at our office and I’m so excited!  Each leg is about 6.5 miles and there’s a few hilly and trail-based legs so let’s hope I don’t get one of those  🙂  I’ve never done a relay before and I’m really looking forward to it!  Plus, it’s right before solstice AKA the longest day of the year which means lots of sunlight and celebrating!
  • The Color Run on the 27th:  Everyone and their mom (literally) are running/walking this one and I can’t miss the opportunity to run with basically the entire city of Anchorage.  My GOTR girls are already talking about this race and so are my students!  Look for more info on this race soon  🙂



  • Alaska 10k Classic on the 8th:  It’s one of the few 10ks in Alaska so I can’t miss it!
  • Big Wild Life Runs on the 16th:  There are so many race options this weekend and I’m not sure if I want to push it with the half marathon (it could be a good back up option for a PR if I don’t get one in July) or go hard on a 5k.  No matter what, there will be grilled cheese sandwiches at the end so I’m there!

There are a few more races throughout the summer that I might try to squeeze in last minute, but overall I’m excited for my race schedule.  I’m hoping there will be another half marathon in the Lower 48 somewhere in the fall, but I’ve got some time to figure my fall races out.  I took it easy last week because my body was really asking for a break, but I’m really excited to jump into my next challenge! What does your summer race schedule look like?  And do you have any good training plans for speedy 5ks?

12 thoughts on “What’s Next?

  1. I’m so glad you are enjoying Alaska. I feel like we both have finally settled into our new lives and our new homes have become home! I am loving PA now too and wouldn’t change moving for anything. Your race schedule is FULL! You have so much to look forward too and I can’t wait to hear about all of it.

    1. Yay! Awww hearing you say you love PA makes me want to go back to see what I’m missing 🙂 JK, I know I’m missing allergies and the start of humidity so I’m happy to stay up here until the fall. And yes, my race schedule needs to be full until we start getting snow in October! Plus two of these races I won’t actually be running (the GOTR race in May and The Color Run) so I don’t really have more than 2 races each month. I’m looking forward to racing again!

    1. I hope I’ve got it! I’m excited you’re training for a full. I’m trying to distract myself from accidentally registering for my first one this year with a few shorter races instead! My plan is to wait until 2016 or 2017 for my first.

      1. Haha!! I like how you are distracting yourself. A Full marathon is in your future. Until then, work on building a good solid base of miles. I’m doing the same thing with shorter races. They are keeping me motivated and running good weekly miles.

  2. The training group sounds great 🙂 I am rooting for you at the 2:30! I will be in Alaska on a family vacation we go from Vancouver to Seward (you guessed it cruise). Once I get the dates, I want to see if I can fit a run (or race if possible) while I am there. Will let you know if I find one (or may ask for recommendations).

    1. Ahhh that’s awesome! I used to work with cruise ship passengers when I worked in Seward at Kenai Fjords Tours – who are you cruising with? Seward is so amazingly beautiful! Are you heading up to Anchorage? I’ll totally give you recommendations on where to go, eat, and run! And are you going to Denali? I used to help people plan their trips so I’m super excited right now haha!

  3. Fun! I think having a race coming up is a great way to stay motivated to get out there and run. Plus I think having a running group is an awesome way to train for that PR. My summer is completely free right now – I think I’ll wait and see but I have my eye on a couple of trail races.

    1. I’m excited because I’ve never run or trained with anyone before and I don’t know what to expect! I hope it helps me speed up! Trail races sound like an awesome plan for the summer 🙂

  4. Looks like you have an exciting summer ahead 🙂 Super cool that you’ll have a training group for the Her Tern Half! I really think running with others helps boost motivation, and in turn, you’ll get faster.

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