Zion Half Training: Week 11

Hi everyone!  This is my last Zion Half training post!  How crazy is that?!?!  I’m almost there!  So what did I do this week?

Monday:  rest day

Tuesday:  Girls on the Run and a 45 minute walk.  Today was also a big day at work that I’ve been stressing about for months, and it went really well!  It was so nice to be able to relax for once!

Wednesday:  45 minute treadmill run, 4:1 intervals.  It was so warm today but I just couldn’t get out on the trails before sunset.

Thursday:  Girls on the Run and then some stretching yoga at home.  Another super warm day so the girls ran outside!  Just not me.

Friday:  45 minute treadmill run, 4:1 intervals after book club with my coworkers.  It was dark after I got home, but it was so nice and warm out again!

Saturday:  It was 45 degrees and sunny outside all day, so I decided to run my last long run of the training cycle!  I had 6 miles on my plan and I was so excited to run outside.  My doctor would have killed me if he knew, especially since the terrain changed a lot!  Half of my run was on inch-deep slush/puddles, a quarter was on hard ice, and the other quarter was on solid ground!


I ran 2 miles towards the mountains and back, and then 1 mile towards the coast and back.  I did this in case I needed a water break (I left some in my car) but I ended up feeling great and just powered through it.  Not only did my body feel great, my brain did too!  The sun was warm and it felt like spring.  I was having a blast out there and was laughing out loud as I ran through giant puddles.  It was like I was a little kid  🙂


If I hadn’t had to deal with ice and deep slush, I would have been running at a pretty fast pace.  I only walked once per mile whenever I felt that it was unsafe to run (like in a tunnel where there was ice on the bottom that was covered in ankle deep water!) and I think that on clear ground on race day I should be able to keep up a good pace.

IMG_4196Thanks Mizunos for once again being the best shoes ever!  I’ll miss needing studded shoes!

After running I raced back to shower before heading downtown for the end of the Fur Rondy.  Through some terrible oversight we missed the ceremonial start of the Iditarod, but we did get to see the Running of the Reindeer!  People paid $30 to run down 4th Ave while reindeer chased them.  It was kind of scary to watch but everyone looked like they were having fun.  And then I ate reindeer sausage because it’s just too yummy  🙂


I was kind of sad about Fur Rondy this year – our lack of snow and cold weather made it not as fun as it should have been.  They had to bring in snow on trucks to fill in the streets, and all the snow and ice sculptures melted.  And I’m pretty worried about how the dogs did running in 43 degree weather!  Next year I’m hoping it will actually feel like winter (and that I don’t get the dates of the Iditarod wrong!).

Sunday:  yoga at home.

It was a great week and I’m feeling awesome about the race!  I know I won’t PR, but considering the fact that I really thought I’d have to pull out of this race a few weeks ago due to hip pain I’m just so happy that I’ll even be starting the race!  My plan for this week is to:

1.  Run 1-2 more times before the race.  I’ll have to see how I feel on Thursday when we arrive in Utah, but I’ll try to do a really quick and easy run that night if possible.

2.  Go to an actual yoga class or two.  It’s spring break and I have no excuse to make it to one this week!

3.  HYDRATE.  So much.

4.  Foam roll and stretch a lot.

5.  Relax!  I need to not stress about this.  Everything will be fine.

Thanks everyone for your support during this crazy training cycle!  I couldn’t have made it here without all of your encouragement, support, and tips.  I can’t wait to tell you how it goes!

Did you get to run outside this week?  And are you aware of my new Instagram account?  Hit me up at @runawaywithkk and I’ll follow you back!

18 thoughts on “Zion Half Training: Week 11

  1. I think it sounds like you’re super prepared for the race, which is extra awesome because of all the hurdles you’ve had this training cycle. Good luck!

    1. Haha I don’t think I’d say “super” prepared! I have no idea how this is going to go. My last two half marathons ended with me feeling awful and I really have no idea what will happen on race morning. But I’m going to hope for the best!

  2. You’re done!!! Good luck, but I don’t think you need it. 🙂
    Those reindeer pics were making me laugh so hard. Alaska is just too freaking awesome!

    1. Aww thanks! But yes, I do need it. Remember how I threw up last time I ran over 2 hours? 😦 I need all the luck I can get! Also, check out my Facebook for a video of the race. It was crazy!

  3. you made it through a crazy training cycle; congratulations! i think that 6-miler was totally foreshadowing how you’ll do this weekend. can’t wait to hear about it!

    1. I hope! I know I have to run more than double that amount so I’m not sure how that’s going to go, but I’m excited to run outside for sure!

  4. I love that you made an instagram ❤ You better be instagraming pictures on race day!!! I'm so excited for you!!!!
    I finally got back to running yesterday! An easy 6.24mi! Wooo! NJ running is so much better than DC 😉

  5. Good luck with this week and the race! The half I’ve been training for is this Saturday as well and I’m with you on trying to relax 🙂

  6. Awesome that your last run of the cycle was outside & fantastic all around! Hopefully that means good things for race day 🙂
    I can’t imagine running down a street with reindeer chasing me! Sounds like a blast to watch though.
    Looking forward to hearing all about your vacation & destination race! 😀

  7. What a great final long run! You are ready for this. And now I’m convinced that Alaska is one weird place -> the running of the reindeer! Watch out for altitude change in Utah. SLC is around 4000 ft and Zion is just a little lower.

    1. Haha Alaska is weird! And thanks for the elevation reminder. I totally forgot! Any tips for running in a way higher elevation than normal?

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