Friday Five: Five Favorite Things About Destination Races

Hi everyone!  It’s Friday!  And it’s also the start of spring break here in Alaska!  I still have to work today and the first half of next week before I leave for Utah, but I don’t have to worry about lesson planing or prep and it’s going to be a chance for me to catch up on everything before I leave.  And it feels like spring here which is a nice bonus!  Today’s Friday Five with Cynthia, Mar, and Courtney is “favorites”, and since my mind is looking ahead to my upcoming racecation to Utah for the Zion Half Marathon I’m writing about my favorite things about destination races!  I’ve only had one true racecation before this (Florida for Disney Princess), but I’ve taken a few day/weekend trips to races and it’s always exciting to travel to a race!  Why?

IMG_1892My very first destination race in Delaware – and my current 5k PR!

1.  I get to do exciting new things:  The US is such a pretty and diverse place, and I love getting to travel to new places that I’ve never been before.  I’ve never been to the desert, so Utah will be really new for me!  It’s fun doing things that you can’t do at home.

20140225-231628.jpgMeeting Mickey after my first half marathon!

2.  I cross a new state off my list:  I’ve got a goal to run a race in all 50 states, and I’m so excited to cross #8 off next weekend!  Ever since I’ve been a little kid I’ve wanted to travel to all 50 states, and running is giving me an opportunity to make that goal happen.

20140721-193110.jpgCrossing Alaska off my list for the first time with the Her Tern Half

3.  Getting to do “Lower 48 stuff”:  Now that I live in Alaska, there are things that we just don’t have here (CHIPOTLE!!!!).  While we do have lots of amazing scenery and things that can’t be found in the lower 48 states, I do look forward to getting a chance to shop at Trader Joe’s, TJ Maxx, and…did I mention Chipotle?  🙂

20140309-224826.jpgGetting Shake Shack after my race in DC!  Look at me run!

4.  Mixing all of my favorite things:  The number one reason for a racecation is the run, which is something that I love to do.  But since most of my days in a racecation are spent doing things other than running, I get the chance to relax, read, hike, and run some more!

IMG_3004Hiking in Washington before Beat The Blerch!  They have big trees in Rainier.

5.  Running in beautiful new places:  Almost every race I’ve ever done was scenic, and it’s so much fun to run in beautiful new places each time.  It makes the run go by faster and keeps me inspired to keep going.  One of my favorite things about Runner’s World magazine is the “Rave Runs” page, and I’m so excited to run August’s Rave Run next week!

raverunI can’t wait for this to be me!!!

The not-so-fun stuff:  flying, packing, time zone changes (Alaska is in its own time zone), and paying for it all.  But it’s worth it!

Do you have any destination races coming up?  What’s your favorite part about them?

29 thoughts on “Friday Five: Five Favorite Things About Destination Races

  1. Oh I also love the Rave Run page in Runner’s World. Running in new places is always fun and my best run was probably in Nairobi when I got to run with a Kenyan. It was surreal!!

  2. You did Beat the Blerch! Awesome! I enjoy destination races as well. I’ve been focused on triathlon lately, which also has great destinations but much more challenging logistics (primarily around transporting or renting a bicycle). This year I’ll be visiting Florida (for spring break with my boys, but also picking up a sprint tri), San Francisco for Escape from Alcatraz, and Mont-Tremblant for Ironman 70.3

    1. Yes I did and i highly recommend it! And it sounds like you have awesome races on your schedule! I’m tempted to start doing tris too, but here in Alaska we can’t do any outdoor swimming and I’m intimidated by the pool and smashing into people. Traveling to one sounds like a good idea!

  3. Destination races are so much fun! Other than Disney, my other favorite has been traveling to Virginia Beach for the annual Rock ‘n’ Roll race there over Labor Day weekend. We’re headed there in two weeks to experience a different race weekend in VB – Shamrock!

    1. That sounds awesome! I haven’t crossed Virginia off my list yet so I’ll have to check out your race recap to see how it goes. Good luck!

  4. I’m sooooo sorry that you don’t have a Chipotle is Alaska. That would be a deal breaker for my husband. He’s quite addicted to the Barbaccoa burrito bowls. =(
    But you’re totally right about destination races. They are the best!!!!
    I”m curious, what does Spring look like in Alaska?

    1. It is basically a deal breaker. Until I look at the mountains and then I remember why I moved up here 🙂 Haha you are asking me during the wrong year! Spring usually doesn’t happen until April or May, but when I moved here last April it was already snow free (they barely got any snow last year) and since we barely got snow this year it’s already almost fully melted! It’s been in the 40s lately and the sun is finally high enough to melt snow so it’s happening now. If we ever get a real winter up here I’ll let you know 🙂

    1. Yes to both! I was so stressed before Disney Princess because it was horrifyingly hot and humid and i wanted to acclimate and not die, and this time I’m stressing about how to fit my foam roller in my suitcase. Gahhh.

  5. my sister and brother in law live in northern california and my brother in law and i are going to enter the lottery for next year’s big sur marathon. that is a bucket list race for me and seems so beautiful. hope you have a great trip! 🙂

  6. I love racecations! They are so much fun and I pretty much agree with all your reasons (except the one about the lower 48 since I’m already here!). It makes the packing and flying worth it.

    1. It really does! I feel like if I’m on vacation I need to squeeze in a race too. It just makes sense money-wise!

  7. Zion will be such a beautiful race! I’ve never been there, but really want to go one of these days. The scenery is stunning.

    I love destination races, although my husband would disagree. He started grumbling a little bit last year about how it seemed all of our vacations were starting to revolve around my race schedule. Oops. 🙂 I’m trying to balance it out better now. My next destination race is the Chicago Marathon!

    1. I’ve been looking forward to going for so long! And I hear you on the husband thing. Mine thinks I’m insane because I’m planning vacations around races that I want to run! And I’m so jealous you’re doing Chicago 🙂

    1. Ooooh which half? I still need to cross Texas off my list! And which one did you do in Nashville? I need recommendations!

  8. I love to travel and see new things. A destination race works in so well with that. I flew to Denver last year and ran a half in the canyons outside town. I went to the Denver Zoo that afternoon. It was great.

    1. Thanks! I figured I really need to get one. I’m obsessed so far! There will be a ton of pics next week for sure.

  9. I’m heading to Moab for a race in a couple of weeks. Southern Utah is the best – you are going to have such a blast in Zion. Also, there is an In N Out in St George if you need to get some west coast style burgers. Oscars is my absolute favorite place to eat in Springdale.

    1. This is some awesome advice! I don’t like IN N Out (sorry west coast!) but I’m down with trying lots of new places next week!

  10. I’ve never done a racecation before. I’m hoping that I can get into the W&D half this year and do my first runDisney AND destination race. Yay!

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