Zion Half Training: Week 9

Hi everyone!  This week’s training had a shaky start but ended STRONG!  Yay finally!  We also had a heat wave here in Alaska which meant that it was t-shirt and iced coffee weather in February.  Doesn’t really get any better than that!



Monday:  My legs still hurt from Saturday’s 8 miler.  I took my rest day right away.

Tuesday:  I started my Living Social deal for 1 month at a local yoga studio.  I took a restorative yoga class and it was kind of the craziest thing ever.  We spent the entire 1.5 hours laying on the ground holding poses for 10 minutes at a time and I couldn’t spread out because the class was so packed.  And the entire time there was crazy chanting music playing.  I definitely felt good stretching, but it was a bit much for my hips and I’m not sure if I’ll be going back to that class again.  If I go to one other class at that studio it will pay for my Living Social deal so I’ll probably go back, just not as much as they’d like me to.  The music was just too crazy!

Wednesday: 45 minute run with 4:1 intervals.  Afterwards my hips and legs hurt again which was really discouraging.

Thursday:  I worked a 12 hour shift at work due to parent teacher conferences and a community service event I was running at school.  I got home and felt like I’d climbed a mountain or something – I didn’t realize I’d be spending 7 of those 12 hours running around the school lifting tables!  I think it’s safe to say that I got my 45 minute walk done that day!

Friday:  45 minute run with 4:1 intervals.  I felt strong the whole time and felt good afterwards too, which is something that hasn’t happened since before my injury!

Saturday:  A quick Yoga with Adrienne video at home after spending the morning volunteering at a local race with my students.  They are the best!

Sunday:  I was feeling a bit homesick, and the cure for that is spending some time outdoors to remind myself that I live in the prettiest place on earth!  So I decided to do my long run outside instead of on the treadmill.  I managed to misread my training plan and was excited to see that I only had to do 6 miles this weekend, and even though my doctor didn’t want me running on uneven surfaces I thought that running outside wouldn’t be so bad for only 6 miles.  Except that it’s been 40 degrees here all week with rain all weekend, and the combo of melting snow plus rain that turned into ice on the frozen ground made for crazy slippery conditions!  I had to walk A LOT.  Especially on downhill portions.  Near the halfway point it became so slippery that I was sliding all over the trail and I seriously was afraid of sliding off into a ditch!  So I took a few detours to avoid the iciest parts and ended up accidentally running 7 miles instead of 6.  Who does that?  I also somehow managed to not fall and even ended with negative splits on a hill which is a huge deal for me!  Despite all the walking, I ran almost the same pace that I do on the treadmill.  Such an awesome way to end week 9 of training!

IMG_4157No gloves or ear warmers needed when it’s so warm out!

IMG_4159Yeah, my running trail is awesome!

Next week definitely includes a 10 miler, which is my last long run of training.  If I can survive that I should be good for the race!  I’m starting to get really excited about our trip and the race itself, especially since I’m feeling much better after each run.  Only three weeks to go until half #5!

Did you get to run outside this weekend?  

18 thoughts on “Zion Half Training: Week 9

    1. Oh my god that’s my biggest fear! I have always been afraid of accidentally falling asleep in public (in class, on the bus, etc.) and ever since starting yoga it’s a real possibility! I try to open my eyes as much as possible so it won’t happen. Honestly though, no one could have fallen asleep with that music playing haha.

  1. I didn’t get a chance to run outside this weekend, and I think that’s why I had such a rough time of it. Great job this week and solid workouts! Glad you got a chance to enjoy the trail (gorgeous) and that you’re feeling strong.

    1. Thanks! Yeah running indoors for a while makes running not super fun anymore. I like doing speed work on the treadmill and I know it’s safer on a treadmill than on the ice, but I still love being outside so much more!

    1. Haha crazy Alaska! And yeah, it’s definitely a crazy yoga studio. They are very into the spiritual side of things…and I’m not. My current favorite studio doesn’t play music at all and I love it!

  2. i’m so glad training is still going well! i’m jealous that you got to do a long run outside, too! i’m am eagerly awaiting the day it hits anywhere in the 40s again.

    1. It’s been a weird winter here! I’m looking forward to the time when all of our trails are clear and I can run as far as I want!

  3. Eek that yoga class sounds so far from everything I like about yoga. I’d much prefer to be on my feet for the majority of class with soothing music (no chanting!). At least it was part of an online deal, so you’re getting your money’s worth 🙂
    What a fantastic way to end the week with a warm run outdoors! My Sunday run sounded very similar- finally warm enough for no gloves/headband, but we had tons of slush & puddles everywhere from melting snow. Isn’t it funny how you can run the same pace outdoors & on the treadmill & they feel so different?

    1. Yeah that yoga class is not my style either. It’s the exact opposite of what I want! Although the stretching was pretty nice. And I agree about the pacing! It seemed so much easier on the trail than on the treadmill, even though I wasn’t taking my usual walk intervals (I just walked whenever it was too slippery to run). I can’t wait for the race!

  4. Yay for outside running! Temperature wise, I could have gone out this weekend, but I really hate having to dodge snow and ice, so I’ll probably stick with the treadmill for quite a while.

  5. Your yoga class does sound odd, I don’t blame you for not wanting to go back! I’m so happy your injury is feeling better though!! 🙂 I got in a 5-miler outside this weekend, but it was still super cold for that. I seriously need the warm weather already.

    1. It was so crazy! If we’re not talking or moving, the music needs to not be super weird. Congrats on running outside in the cold!

  6. I did one of those I think it was Groupon it was for hot yoga. That was a blast but it was super crowded and, for me, not worth the $$ to do the actual sign up since I already belong to the gym. Anyhow, it’s always fun to try new things right!? I noticed you Hot Chocolate sweat jacket – I was just thinking about doing one next month in San Diego – the medal is so freaking cute! Great job on your negative split training run! You will be totally ready for your Half! Enjoy yourself!

    1. I did the one in Philly last year and it was fun! But they didn’t do medals back then 😦 The running shirt is pretty awesome though – how often do you get a fleece lined race shirt?

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