Zion Half Training: Week 8

Hi everyone!  Time to recap week #8.  Still injury free over here and I’m excited that I only have 1 month until the race!


Monday:  Slow Flow yoga class.  This was my second time attending this class, and it was nice knowing what to expect!  The teacher already knew my situation and there was lots of stretching.  I felt incredible afterwards!  This is my favorite class hands down.

Tuesday:   I had a bad headache so it was a rest day.

Wednesday:  45 minute run with 4:1 run/walk intervals.

Thursday:  Yoga With Adrienne’s bedtime yoga.  It was a stressful day!

Friday:  I had my running clothes packed and was all ready to go to the gym before picking Andrew up from work, but then I ended up having a fantastic networking opportunity come up and I didn’t get a chance to go.  Andrew and I had a date night planned so this accidentally became a rest day too.

Saturday:  Happy Valentine’s Day!  I woke up to chocolate chip pancakes from my husband as well as yummy Dove chocolates.  I had to sample them all of course!

IMG_4126He’s the best!

I had a feeling that no one would be at the gym, so I decided to move my long run to Saturday.  I ran 8 miles in an almost empty gym!  I could tell in the first mile that I wasn’t feeling my best (no hip pain, just a bit dehydrated and tired) but I pushed through it and got it done.  It probably didn’t help that I’d eaten lots of candy that morning!

IMG_4129I think there were only 3 other people there!

Sunday:  the weather here has been so warm, so Andrew and I went for a long walk on the Chester Creek Trail.  Even though my doctor said I’m not allowed to run outside I do have clearance to go for walks!  My legs and hips felt a bit tight and it was hard trying to remind myself that long runs have DOMS and it wasn’t necessarily because of my previous injury.  There was lots of foam rolling after the walk!  And some fun yoga poses on the trail too.


So even though I only did 2 runs this week, I’m okay with how it went.  I was so nervous for the 8 miler and I definitely didn’t feel as good during the run as I wanted to.  I know that not all long runs can be awesome, but I just want to feel strong during them so that I feel better about this half marathon!  Next week I plan on drinking lots of water in the days leading up to my long run and I also plan on not eating chocolate valentine truffles before it!

How was your week of workouts?  Did you have any chocolate hangovers like me?

18 thoughts on “Zion Half Training: Week 8

  1. Those pancakes are so cute! Not to mention chocolate chip is the best kind 😉
    Whenever I don’t feel my best on a run, regardless of the distance, I remind myself that these are the runs that make me mentally stronger. Not every run will feel good, so pushing through & finishing when you’d rather not is a good habit. & it makes the good runs that much more enjoyable!

    1. It is the best kind of pancake! And that is so true about long runs. I don’t think it would have bothered me so much if it weren’t for the fact that I’m coming off my injury. I am so looking forward to my next good one!

  2. Those pancakes! That’s so cute!! Love your snowy trail yoga pose too. 🙂
    I just had a craptastic long run myself so I totally understand. It was just a fluke for the both of us!!

    1. Aww man! Hopefully we can get it together next week and have good runs. And your yoga poses are totally inspiring me to do my own poses everywhere!

    1. I’m hoping this week goes better! I was so tired and stressed last week and I just didn’t have the energy I needed. 2 more weeks until spring break!

  3. Those pancakes look yummy! I definitely notice how much my food and water intake affects my run. Sometimes it is worth it though!

  4. How sweet that your hubby made you those pancakes! OMG! Also, nice work staying injury free so far into your training! I hope you’re able to make it all the way to the finish line without any problems! 🙂

    1. Haha well I did have my first running injury a few weeks ago, but I’m totally going to hope that things stay as good as they have been since my recovery! My doctor said no stress fractures or muscle issues so I’m slowly easing back into it and calling it “injury free” for the moment.

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