Friday Five: My 5 Valentines

Hi everyone!  It’s Friday (woohoo!) and time for another Friday Five with Mar, Courtney, and Cynthia!  This week’s theme is “love” and I feel like this could go a million ways.  So I decided to write 5 valentines to things that I love so much and couldn’t live without!


1.  Running:  Obviously you all knew this would be on my list.  I’ve written so many posts about why I love running and what it has done for me over the years.  When I was dealing with my injury last week I was devastated – the thought that running could be taken away from me was something I’d never really thought of before.  And ever since then I’ve been loving each and every run.  So running, I love you.  Will you be my valentine?  I can’t live without you!

20140615-234706.jpgI think this was taken halfway through a long run, and I’m still smiling.  True love right there!

2.  Hiking:  It’s been months since I went on a really good hike, but it is seriously the best thing ever!  It’s strenuous but the reward is so awesome.  Especially here in Alaska!  There are so many hikes we want to do this summer and I’m pretty excited to spend a week hiking in Zion next month!  Hiking and I go waaaaay back to my childhood so it’s been my valentine for a while now  🙂

IMG_1406Hiking to the top of Mt. Marathon in Seward

3.  Alaska:  Even though it’s not snowy, I’m loving it up here.  It is so beautiful and exciting and new!  Moose are popping up everywhere and Denali is visible all the time.  When I’m driving to work on a clear day I will sometimes get chills just looking at how beautiful the mountains are!  And don’t get me started on the sunsets.  There is not a more beautiful place on earth.

IMG_2897Weirdly all of my pictures here are of Seward.  But it’s the most beautiful place I’ve ever seen, so that makes sense!

4.  Chocolate:  I am about to get all up in that this weekend.  My husband and I don’t exchange gifts on Valentine’s Day, just chocolate.  So it is going to be a crazy day of sugar highs for me.  I’m so excited to see what I get, and I’ll definitely try to add chocolate to as many meals as possible!  Chocolate, you make me melt!

20140413-234630.jpgRunning for chocolate in Hershey!

5.  My family:  My real valentines are of course my husband and Bella.  Although Bella is far away in Philly, I miss her constantly and wish I could be with her this weekend.  She’d probably spend the weekend alternating between eating peanut butter and giving me kisses.

IMG_3075She only knows 2 commands, and one of them is “give kisses!”

And then there’s Andrew, who is the best husband and valentine a girl could ask for.  Love you boo!


I plan on spending Valentine’s Weekend with each and everyone of my 5 valentines.  Except Bella, but we can just Skype each other  🙂  Have a happy Valentine’s Day and make sure to spend time with everything that you love!

Who/what are your valentines this year?  Did running make the list?

40 thoughts on “Friday Five: My 5 Valentines

    1. Thanks! Yeah I miss her a lot, but we didn’t think she’d be able to make the plane rides up here. She’s super anxious and tiny. My mom is obsessed with her and I can’t imagine her giving her up at this point though, so it worked out!

  1. Wow, Alaska looks stunning even in the winter. I also plan to have lots of chocolate on Valentine’s Day. It is a very important food group after all.

  2. Great list! My husband and I don’t do gifts either but we do by one small box of trufffles from Godicva and play “truffle roulette.” We randomly shoose a truffle not knowing the flavor and take a bite. Soem are good and some not so good!

  3. Awesome list. Of course running is on my list, and I think this year Les Mills classes have earned a spot too–they’re so great for getting me to actually do strength training!

    1. YES! This is so true for me too! Like I said, hiking has always been my valentine ever since I was little, but running started only a few years ago but I can’t imagine my life without it. Yay for running!

  4. Ahhhh, chocolate. I think I may treat myself to a Starbucks White Chocolate Mocha for Valentines. Bella is adorable and I know you must miss her tremendously. Enjoy your weekend.

    1. Mmm that sounds so yummy! I got to talk to Bella on the phone today so I’m feeling better about that. My mom said she perks up and looks around when she hears my voice!

    1. You should come visit in the summer! It’s so beautiful. Almost all of the pictures in this post were taken down in Seward which is in a fjord so it’s crazy pretty. I’m so glad running made both of our list! And of course our husbands haha.

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