January Recap

Hi everyone!  Now that it’s February and I’m trying to get back on track, I thought it would be nice to take a look back on January.  Even though last week was an off week for me, I still got a lot done last month!

Miles:  35

Races:  None, thank god!  I can’t deal with that right now

Outdoor runs:  between the ice and my injury, I ran 0 miles outside.  Boo.

Yoga classes:  3.  All at different studios too!

Hikes:  2


Overall, I think I did pretty well!  My goal was to do 41 miles (If I do 41 miles each month I’ll be close to my goal of 500 miles for the year) and I would have been over that amount if I could have run all of my planned runs!  On that note, let’s take a look at my goals for 2015 and see if I’m still on track:

new years goals 2015

How am I doing with my goals so far?

1:  No progress on this, but I’m pretty sure no one can PR in a winter race anyways.

2:  No half marathons yet!

3:  YES!  I am happy to say that I’m doing this!  I attempted Yoga With Adrienne’s 30 day challenge, but now I’m realizing I wasn’t ready for it.  I don’t know enough about yoga or how to do it and it was overwhelming.  Right now I’m focusing on trying many different classes and studios until I find what I like.  And I’m also trying to learn how to properly do common poses so I can safely practice at home when I need to.  My ultimate goal is to find a studio where I feel comfortable going to a few times a week.  I want to make this my “new Barre3” AKA a cross training method I can go to a few times a week to relax and get stronger.  And I plan on trying her 30 days of yoga challenge again – she has it open for anyone to try at any time!

4:  Semi-progress on this one!  Last weekend I went to Costco and they had snowshoes on clearance for $50, so I obviously had to buy them!  I have no idea how I’m going to use these because I don’t know a place in Anchorage that has enough snow for snowshoes, but I’m going to look out for some snowy trails for the rest of the winter!

5:  I’m 7% towards my goal of 500 miles, which is just behind where I need to be for average monthly miles.  I’m hoping that the rest of Zion Half training will get me an increase in miles next month, but I am taking it slow right now so we’ll see what happens!

Also worth noting:  I survived my first January in Alaska!  We had one day where temps went below zero and we got another inch of snow, but overall it wasn’t bad at all!  AND now the sun is beginning to rise early enough where the sky is turning light when I get to work at 9:00 am, and it sets after I leave at 5:00!  Whaaaaaat!  I’m so excited about the increasing daylight up here!

IMG_4096Sunset high five!

Let’s hope February brings more miles, more yoga, more Alaskan cross training, and more hiking!

How was your January?  How are you doing with your 2015 goals?

26 thoughts on “January Recap

  1. So impressed you’ve been to 3 yoga studios looking for the right fit! No January races for me either. It’s been so cold/snowy here there’s just no way.

    1. I hear you on the races. I thought about one, but I just didn’t really feel it at all. I’m sure I’ll be racing all over the place this summer!

  2. Sounds like a great January, even despite injury. No January races for me either – the weather in Ohio is very unpredictable! I’ve managed to do every one of my long runs outdoors though, so that’s a win. I ran 62.8 miles in January and that will only be increasing from here on out. I’m hoping to do more yoga in February too!

    1. Wow nice job on the miles! And good luck on doing more yoga – it’s scary since I’m such a newbie but I’m enjoying it!

    1. Good luck! I was hoping to reach it in the Zion Half in March, but I seriously doubt that will happen now. Hopefully I’ll have a few more chances this year!

  3. I love your sunset high-five picture! I’ve been taking some snowy hikes around Berks County & saw some snow-shoe tracks!! Hopefully you’ll get to use yours before the winter is over 🙂

    1. Nice! I wish we had more than like 4 inches of snow here, I feel like an idiot even thinking about wearing them on our trails now. But if it snows again this winter I’m so going out there!

  4. Yay snowshoes! I just bought some this winter and can’t wait to try them out (not enough snow yet, boo). But I’ve borrowed them in the past, and they’re awesome for hiking and actually really fun to use for running on snowy trails.

    1. Nice! Mine look so big that I can’t imagine running in them, but I would love to try that out someday if we ever get more than a few inches of snow!

    1. You should! It’s actually really fun adding miles to RunKeeper to keep track of them and seeing progress. Things only a runner would say haha!

  5. Those are some awesome goals! I hope you’re able to meet all of them this year! I have accomplished a couple of my goals for 2015 already and am still working toward others. Some big ones I’d like to accomplish are PRing in the half marathon and completing my first bike race.

    1. Nice! I’ve been thinking about getting into biking during the summer. Good luck with your race and your half PR!

    1. So true! There are definitely studios and classes where I feel totally out of place and uncomfortable, but I’m stating to enjoy myself in some. And daylight is so awesome!

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