Try New Things Tuesday: A Rose So Sweet Headbands

Hi everyone!  It’s time for me to talk about something new that I’ve been trying lately!  As you may know, I have had the hardest time finding headbands that fit my head.  I am obsessed with BAMR Bands, but sometimes I get one and it’s a slightly different size than the other ones I have, resulting in a headband that I can’t use.  I mean, this happens with EVERY headband manufacturer.  It’s frustrating, especially when the headband is super cute and you can’t even wear it!  So this week, I’m trying a new type of headband to see if it works.


The main issue with non-slip headbands is that they can come in slightly different sizes due to manufacturing issues, and you can never predict how a headband will fit you until you get it in the mail.  And living in Alaska means that all of my headbands come in the mail!  So I was really excited when I was browsing Etsy one day and found A Rose So Sweet headbands.  What first caught my attention was the patterns – seriously, there are so many and they’re really cute!  I’m pretty sure no matter what your style is, she has a pattern that you’ll love.  But the real reason I decided to buy one was because these headbands are adjustable!  I’m pretty sure these can adjust to fit the biggest and smallest heads out there.

IMG_4007Similar to a bra strap, this adjusts without causing any irritation on your head

I immediately fell in love with a mint and white chevron print with a shiny gold accent.  When I ordered the band, I talked to the owner, Liz, who offered to throw in a super cute pink chevron headband to try!  *NOTE: although I received one headband for free, all opinions are my own.  I have no reason to lie about headbands, especially when I’m so opinionated about them anyways*


Once my headbands arrived in the mail, I was really excited to try them out!  In fact, I wore the mint one the very next day…to work!  It felt fancy enough to go with my business casual attire, and it stayed in my hair all day without moving.  I’ve never worn one of these kinds of headbands to work before and I loved that it stayed on while passing as a fancy hair accessory.


Of course, I had to try out my pink chevron band during a few workouts to see how it held up!  I wore it during yoga and running (indoors!).  With both activities I felt myself doing the nervous headband adjustment thing that I constantly do where I check that it’s in place every 5 minutes.  At first it slipped towards the back, so I pulled the band a bit tighter.  It stayed in place after that, and every time I checked it was right where I wanted it.  I really loved how colorful it is and I plan on wearing it all the time.


On the Try New Things Tuesday scale, I give these headbands a 4 out of 5!


  • Really, really cute patterns.  Definitely cuter than any other headbands I’ve seen so far.
  • Some of the patterns are suitable for dressing up, so I can wear them to work too!
  • They are adjustable and can fit any head.  I’ll never have to worry about getting a headband from her that is sized slightly different than the others, because they are fully adjustable to fit no matter what!
  • She had excellent customer service and got my headbands to me really quickly!
  • She’s constantly having sales, so check her out on Facebook to keep up!


  • As I’ve said when reviewing other non-slip headbands, these don’t do anything to absorb sweat or keep it out of your eyes.  If there was a way to make non-slip headbands that soaked up sweat too (sorry Bondi Band, you slip off my head) I’d be all over that!
  • There was a slight learning curve to fitting it on my head without any slippage later.  But I’m getting the hang of it now and I love that I can adjust it mid workout if necessary instead of having to take it off because it doesn’t fit!

My cons are weak, so you can tell that I really love these headbands!  I’ve already got my eye on a few more patterns that are going to put me in a spring-ish mood.  And the best news about that is that Liz has awesomely offered a discount code to me and my readers!  Use the code RAWM20 for 20% off in her shop.  Thanks Liz for making such cute headbands and for graciously giving us all a discount!

What headbands do you use while running?  Have you ever tried adjustable ones before?  And help me out – is there a magical non-slip sweat absorbing headband out there?  Hook me up!

29 thoughts on “Try New Things Tuesday: A Rose So Sweet Headbands

  1. I love that these headbands have an adjustable strap–my other ones that are similar (that aren’t adjustable) seem to stretch out after awhile. Thanks for sharing!

    1. That’s a good point! That may be why things are fitting differently for me. I feel like all headbands should be adjustable, it just makes better sense!

    1. I definitely need to try those out! I sweat like crazy at the gym and would love something to make me feel less gross!

  2. These look so cute, and I love that they’re adjustable. My hair is finally growing out enough that I can get most of it into a ponytail, but I’m looking for headbands to keep the stray pieces out of my face. I’ll have to give these a try!

    1. Do it! These and BAMR Bands are my favorites and you can’t go wrong with either, but I especially love that these are adjustable!

  3. I have the same issue with headbands. I have really thick hair and sweat a lot. 😉 Lately, I’ve been using full size Buffs. I used to wear Nike or Champion c9 non-slip headbands, but I had to use three bobby pins to keep them in place. The Buff’s do a great job of soaking up sweat. Last August, I used a Buff headband during a hot 10 Mile race and it worked really well ( Unfortunately, I lost it sometime after the race.

  4. Those look awesome! I actually use pre-wrap…I bought some when I was working at a high school and those are my favorite to use to keep my hair back. It doesn’t slip, I can fit it to my head, and when it gets gross I can throw it out and tear off a new piece to use.

    1. That’s awesome! I used to use those in high school when I was on the field hockey team and sadly they never stayed in my hair. But that totally brought back a ton of memories haha!

  5. These are super cute! I think I’m the odd runner out – I always wear a hat or visor when running in the summer (pale Irish skin + Utah sun = no bueno) and a fleece headband in the winter, so never any cute stuff!

    1. Okay so I never wear hats, and I need one! What kind do you use? I’m looking for one I can wear in the rain.

  6. Thanks for the kind words about my headbands. Lots of people wear them for things other than running 🙂 let me know if y have any questions about them. I’m on Instagram to (@arosesosweetdesigns). I’m adding new styles to My shop often .

    1. I have a chevron obsession (obviously) and she has a ton of chevron styles! I had the hardest time just choosing two!

    1. I have, but I’ve found that they all fit differently. It’s so frustrating! I bought the Disney Princess Half Sweaty Band at the expo last year and can barely wear it because it slips too much 😦 I’ve bought more since then but it’s pretty hit or miss with them.

  7. I love Sparkly Soul headbands! They come in a million different colors and patterns and they are the only headbands that don’t slide off my tiny head!

    1. I bought one of those for my Disney Princess Half, and while it stayed on the whole time I did have to adjust it. I seriously have the weirdest head ever!

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