It’s Finally Here – The Solstice Sprint Virtual 5K!

Hi everyone!  I’m so excited to announce that my very first virtual race, the Solstice Sprint Virtual 5K, is happening on Sunday!  Are you ready?

Solstice Sprint Logo with link

There are probably two types of people reading this post right now:

  • If you don’t know what I’m talking about:  Sign up here!  The race is a celebration of the shortest day of the year passing us by.  It’s free and you can run anywhere in the US at whatever pace you choose.  There’s no competition with this race.  And the best part is that you can win a Black Diamond headlamp if you finish!



  • If you’re already signed up:  Get excited!  Sunday is going to be awesome!  Feel free to run the race whenever you want – I’ll be running it at about 12:00 Alaska time (4:00 Eastern).  Once you run the race, click here to submit your race results as soon as possible.  This page is my way to confirm that you ran the race and will enter you into the prize giveaway. I’m closing the results page at 10:00 pm Alaska time (2:00 am Eastern) so that I can use a random number generator to choose the winner and will have the giveaway ready for Monday!  I will also be doing a massive shoutout to all of my participants during my race recap so if you want to take a picture at the race, tweet it to @RunAwayWithKK and I’ll include it!

If you want to wear a bib to make it more race-like, I made one here:  Solsitce Sprint Bib.  I’m totally printing mine out to hang on my bib hanger!

I am so excited to be running with you all on Sunday!  It’s been a long, dark few weeks here in Alaska and I’m looking forward to getting through the shortest day with you all while getting in race #13 of 2014.  So excited to run with Stacey,  Melanie, Rebecca, Helly, Nunzia, Rachel, Courtney, Gina, Sara, Shawna, Maria, Annmarie, Letty, Beth, Jenny, Krystin, Teri, Stephanie, Inna, Brienne, Katie, and John!  Andrew might be joining me in person so I’m not physically running alone!  That puts us at a total of 24 runners!  I can’t believe that I’m about to run in my own race, and that I have so many awesome people joining me from all over the US!  Have fun and good luck!

9 thoughts on “It’s Finally Here – The Solstice Sprint Virtual 5K!

    1. Haha it’s cool! As long as you fill out the results form you’re entered to win! And you can still tweet me pictures if you want to get them on my blog tomorrow!

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