Would You Rather: Holiday Edition!

Hi everyone!  It’s no secret that I LOVE Christmas.  Love love love it.  There is nothing better than listening to Christmas music while baking Christmas cookies while snow falls outside.  I feel like I don’t even really love Christmas day – just the Christmas season and all the fun activities it brings!  That being said, I love when I get to do anything Christmasy while running!  So when I read Runs With Pugs’ holiday edition of Would You Rather? I knew I had to participate!

Holiday would you rather

Would you rather…

…run a Christmas themed event in the heat or the snow?  Is this even a real question?  Christmas in the heat is not normal!  Snow all the way!  Bonus points if it’s physically snowing during the event!

…sing/listen to Christmas songs during your run or wear a Christmas outfit during your run?  I don’t listen to music when I run and I LOVE dressing up, so Christmas outfit all the way!  I have so much fun planning my race costumes whenever I get a chance to run in one!


…get a new running watch or a free race entry?  I hardly ever wear my watch – due to safety reasons I carry my phone with me on every run so I just use that to track my miles – so I’d go with the free race entry.  I sign up for so many races anyways that I need all the help I can get!

…go for a run before your Christmas meal or after?  Before!  I hate running on a full stomach and I know I’ll feel super lazy after I eat anyways.  I plan to get a run in on Christmas morning after I open presents!

…listen to an audiobook/podcast while running or read a book about running?  I’d say read a book.  I love reading and last time I read a running book (Born To Run) I really enjoyed it!  Plus like I said earlier, I don’t listen to things while I run.

…have a year’s access to an online running coach or 5 one-on-one visits to a running coach?  I think I’d like an online running coach better.  I hate running with other people – it makes me feel like I’m back in high school!

…give up your Christmas to help those in need (like a soup kitchen) or spend your Christmas with ALL of your family?  This might make me sound selfish, but I’d choose to spend it with my family.  I miss my family so much and I’d give anything to be with them for Christmas.  Maybe someday…

…watch Love Actually or The Holiday?  I’ve never seen these movies so…neither?  I’m overruling both of these in favor of Elf!

elfPerfect day

…eat ham or turkey for your Christmas meal?  Turkey!  Every year Andrew and I used to host a Christmas Eve party with both of our families and I would always cook a turkey.  I think we’ll be doing that again this year, except we’ll be by ourselves this time.’

And bonus question that I added myself:  …hang out with the Heat Miser or Snow Miser?   I’ve always hated the heat and stupid green Christmases (still never had a white one!) so Snow Miser all the way!

snow miser

What would you rather do?  Let me know in the comments or post this on your blog and link back to me!  I want to see your answers!

And don’t forget about my Solstice Sprint Virtual 5k happening this sunday on the Winter Solstice!  If you haven’t signed up what are you waiting for?  It’s free, you can win a Black Diamond headlamp, and you know you’ll be running anyways  🙂  I’ve already got over 20 participants and I’m so excited to run “with” everyone!

25 thoughts on “Would You Rather: Holiday Edition!

  1. I love this game!!! First of all you need to watch both The Holiday and Love Actually, but I do agree that Elf is amazing. I agree with you on wearing a costume, eating before a race, and free race entry! I also would probably prefer to see my family (I feel bad saying it too) but helping others would be great too. PS ham for Christmas, turkey for Thanksgiving!

    1. No, ham for Easter, turkey for everything else 🙂 I actually hate ham and only eat it on Easter because it’s tradition! And actually, my husband hates ham too so we probably won’t even have it for Easter this year since I won’t be eating with my family. So no ham. Haha. Glad we agree on a lot of the other stuff though!

  2. I don’t run with music either! (Just like I NEVER workout or ever listen to music, haha!) And I run with my phone too! I don’t have the money for any watches! (yet!) But the Nike+ Running app has been pretty perfect so far!
    ( I am SOOOOO super stoked for the 5K….you have no idea! XOXO)

    1. I honestly never use my Garmin unless I’m racing because I’m too lazy to charge it and then upload my data. Free phone apps totally work fine! And I am so happy about all the race excitement! I saw your tweets and was so excited!

  3. Oh I love love love this and may have to steal it for a post next week. 🙂 To answer just one of those questions though…BOTH Christmas music and a Christmas outfit. That’s what I did on the 25th last year! I am a huge fan of Christmas too!

  4. This is great! I too, may have to take a stab at this post 🙂
    Turkey for Christmas dinner, wear a Christmas outfit during my run and one-on-one visits with a coach! I still haven’t seen “The Holiday”

  5. oh I was so excited when I found your blog because we have the same name yay but then you went and said Christmas in the heat is not normal… womp womp. It is normal – just not for you! Hot Christmas is what I’m used to, it freaks me out that it’s cold! I would absolutely choose the family as well, oh well if we’re both selfish 🙂

    1. Thanks for checking out my blog! Love meeting other Kristens out there AND ones that spell our name right! Kristen with an “e” all the way! 🙂 Sorry about the heat thing, but you’re right – it’s not normal for me, but I guess it is normal for like half the US. I just personally hate hot weather. I’ve never had a white Christmas and I’m hoping we finally get one this year!

    1. Haha boo heat! This is clearly why I live in Alaska haha 🙂 Although it would be nice to have a warm day right now! Is 60 degrees considered warm?

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