Thankful Thursdays

Hi everyone!  Week #3 of Thankful Thursdays is here WHICH IS TOTALLY NUTS!  Where did fall go?  No complaints though, because I’m pretty sure by this time next week I’ll have already seen quite a few Christmas shows…and my tree will be sitting there all ready to be put up and decorated!  Yay!  Anyways, let’s take a look at what 10 things I’m thankful for this week!

1.  That I don’t live in Buffalo.  This is nuts.  Did I mention we are still snow free?  I’m so ready for it but it’s just not cold enough!

2.  That the heat wave is still going strong here in Alaska.  It was warmer today in Anchorage than in Philly!


3. Getting to see the northern lights all winter long.  It makes the darkness so much prettier!

4.  That no one attacked me for posting pictures of me shooting a gun on Tuesday’s post.  Thank you all for being accepting and awesome  🙂

5.  For my amazing manager who helped me stay sane after a particularly difficult lesson this week.  All of my middle schoolers have been crazy all week, what is going on?!

6.  For warm brownies topped with cold ice cream.  Best dessert ever.

7.  For beautiful sunsets…even if they happen at 4:00 pm now.

IMG_3439Still madly in love with our new city skyline!

8.  For my kitchen, which let me do tons of cooking this week!

9.  For YouTube videos that taught me how to arm knit a scarf in one hour!  This scarf is huge and super warm!

IMG_3453I learned how to make this from a Michaels YouTube video!  Super easy.

10.  That I finally became a member of REI!  I’ve already bought some awesome winter gear for running, and I’m about to be all over their ski rentals when it starts snowing!  #buyallthethings

So now it’s time for one thing I’m thankful for with running.  Sadly, no runs happened this week.  It has been a weird week with tons of working super early mornings and late nights, but that means I can flex my time today and tomorrow by leaving work early today to squeeze a run in before the sun sets!  Especially since I’ve got a turkey trot next week that I need to stay in shape for!  So this week, I’m thankful that running is still on my mind despite all the millions of other things I’m dealing with this week.  I’ve been thinking constantly about my next half and how excited I am to plan my trip and my training schedule.  I think taking a break from the pressure that training can give me is helping me get excited about next year’s race schedule!

What are you thankful for this week?

13 thoughts on “Thankful Thursdays

    1. I hear you 😦 I have to leave work at like 3:00 to see any kind of sunset! And it doesn’t rise above the mountains here until like 10:30 so I’m totally screwed.

  1. I am shocked over the snow in Buffalo! Thankful I don’t live there myself either 🙂
    Also it’s been under 40 here all week, how is Alaska so warm!?
    Warm brownies topped with ice cream are delicious. I always feel like brownies are underrated when it comes to dessert – people are all about cake & pies.
    I’m thankful for my new running gloves I got recently 🙂

    1. Yay to new running gloves! It’s very strange how warm it is here, but the worst part is that even though the air is warm the ground is frozen because there’s a layer of permafrost under it. When it rains now (which should NOT be happening here!) it freezes on the ground but not on anything else! Driving was rough this week 😦

    1. Haha yeah, it’s pretty crazy! I’ve always wanted to drive Route 66, is that a race or are you just running on it? I’m totally intrigued!

    1. Boo 😦 I love running in the snow, but only when it’s packed down and not slippery. Hopefully it gets crunchy soon and you can get in a few short runs!

  2. I so jealous that you get to see the Northern lights all winter! I live not far from Buffalo and it has been NUTS here. Seriously SO cold and so much snow! Makes me want to move to Alaska! 😉

    1. Wow, that sounds terrible! I’m sure we’ll eventually have a ton of snow and cold weather, but the locals here confirmed that we’ll never have crazy snow like Buffalo. Lake effect snow is so insane!

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