Rave Runs

Hi everyone!  If you’ve ever read Runner’s World, you’ve probably seen the pictures that they show in the beginning of every magazine of the Rave Run of the month.  They’re usually some amazing location, and the runner is running on some impossible looking trail that would probably make me pass out from altitude sickness if I ever tried it.

raverunAn actual Rave Run photo from RW

While each month shows a beautiful location, I’m always wondering how many people can actually run in a place like that.  I mean, if I was hiking on the above trail I’d be nervous about falling and would be staring around at everything taking pictures – there’s no way I’d be running along there like it was no big deal!

I recently found this Runner’s World article online which talks about Rave Runs vs. normal runs, and I totally have to agree with the author.  In the article, he states that, “There’s natural beauty everywhere if you look for it. And there’s an important point here concerning long-term success in running: Getting the most today out of the good-enough almost always trumps waiting for the perfect, whether we’re talking weather, training partners, shoes, racing fitness, motivation or where to run.”  No matter where you’re running, you’re probably having an awesome moment even if you don’t realize it.  I’ve run in some really boring places in my life, and whenever I do that I realize that I start to notice things that I never did before – like parks I didn’t know existed, streets with awesome christmas light displays, really pretty gardens, and hills that are perfect for hill repeats – and they don’t seem as boring anymore!  A run could be a few laps around your neighborhood, but if the temperature feels good and you’re in a great mood then it’s totally a Rave Run!  There are so many factors that go into making something a Rave Run, and location is only a small part of it.

20140602-231151.jpgThis glacier-side run might look like a Rave Run, but I was super hot, dehydrated, and couldn’t wait for it to end!

Ever since moving to Alaska, I’ve had the amazing opportunity to run in some seriously beautiful places.  And what I’ve learned is that sometimes, location isn’t everything!  You might be in a beautiful place, but you’re probably going to be sweating, hungry, and hoping that you can get through the last 5 minutes of your run just like you would if you were running in a boring place.  So if you want to have a Rave Run this week, get out and make it happen!  Choose to go at your favorite time of day, run with a killer view of the sunset or sunrise, try a new route if you’re bored, and spend time noticing all the beautiful things you see.  And if you do have one, let me know!

20140702-164133.jpgMy current favorite Rave Run of all time – running an 8 miler in Seward at midnight!  Pretty views AND negative splits!

When was your last personal Rave Run?  Where is the prettiest place you’ve ever run?

16 thoughts on “Rave Runs

  1. I’ve been using RW Rave Run wallpapers for my laptop background for the longest time- but I never once thought this way! It’s so funny that on any run I’ll expect to sweat or get tired, or maybe run into another issue, and why wouldn’t I, even if I was running against a gorgeous backdrop?
    You’re right, it is up to us. I’ve had some pretty spectacular runs myself in places others would find incredibly boring. Sometimes I really appreciate a routine route though 🙂
    I think the prettiest place I’ve run was along the coast in La Jolla, CA. Up on the cliffs so I could see the ocean, but from a bird’s eye view.

    1. Okay that is an awesome background idea! Also, I totally appreciate a routine run. It almost needs to be boring-ish for me to be able to focus on running fast or hard! Pretty runs make me want to run nice and slow so I can enjoy it longer haha. And on a serious note, I need to go to La Jolla now!

  2. Aw what a fun post! I think this mentality can apply to any workout. I tell people all the time to just enjoy their workout and the results will come. I usually hear responses that include some statement about “working out isn’t supposed to be fun” or “I’m here to work hard not have fun” and my reply is always that you can do both! Enjoying your surrondings and the moment are what makes being active awesome.

    1. I totally agree! Running needs to be fun if I’m going to do it all the time, right? Even if I’m on a treadmill I want it to be as fun as possible!

  3. YES. I crave scenic trails constantly and love every chance I have to run on them. But it’s good to remember that many of my best & most enjoyable runs have taken place on the ho-hum streets of my neighborhood.

    1. Yep! Even here in Anchorage I’m sticking to one trail which I’m sure will get boring after a while. I’m saving the really pretty stuff for the weekends!

  4. I still can’t believe that’s what your runs look like at midnight! That’s awesome. Meanwhile here, next week will be dark by 5 pm so i will have to run inside =( But anyway you’re so right about rave runs! Everyone definitely has them right in their own town. I’ve ran on trails and thought, “I’m so lucky to be running here.” But that picture does look like a pretty cool place to run – even if I would get vertigo!

    1. That’s only how it looked during the summer! Now it’s dark out more than it is light out 😦 Today the sun “rose” at like 9:30 (but doesn’t come up over the mountains for another hour or two) and set at 6:00. After this weekend I’ll be running inside too, or sticking to the lighted trails!

  5. Beautiful pics. My rave run (so far) was the REVEL Rockies half this summer. We ran down through the canyons outside of Denver. I’d love to visit Alaska. I’m going to live vicariously through your blog!

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